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You were designed to shine your light, to find your voice and to celebrate the song of creation through your very presence on this planet...We are in a powerful Field of Infinite Possibilities.  Access this field within and align with all that you were designed to BE

            We are dedicated to helping you access your Inner Light                 through three primary 


'Soulful Relationship'-Awakening Heart Intelligence

'Mind Field Repatterning'- Quantum Energy Healing 

Tours to Sacred Sites - Activate DNA Memory to Create Shifts

Free yourself today to experience all that you were meant to be...

Dive into the mysteries of life, 

Discover what you've hidden in the 

depths of your mind, 

Release what you no longer need and

Open Your Heart to Love.

The answers lie within you and are 

Easier to access than you may imagine. 

 Transform Your Life

 through our live and archived classes

 and your own personal sessions.

Join us on a journey to Sacred Sites.

Thank you for visiting our site...

We look forward to joining you on your journey

Listen to Free Meditation - David guides you through 'True Prayer' as taught through Gary Renard from 'Disappearance of the Universe'
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