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Have You  Ever Wondered...

Can we really end suffering through healing the mind?

Do I have the resources within myself to access the 'Inner Healer'?

Can changing the way I think about myself and the world result in 'real' changes in my life?

The answer to all of these is a resounding YES!  Let us show you how to                   transform your life through mastering your mind and                      opening your heart

This site is for you...and all those seeking to create a new foundation of greater peace, joy, health and abundance



Tap the Inner Caverns of Your Mind to Uncover and Release What No Longer Serves You

Treat yourself today to Transformation

 through our live and archived classes

 and your own personal session 

which can help to identify and release the unconscious blocks to your own healing and wholeness 

"What is real cannot be threatened. 

     What is unreal does not exist."      

A Course in Miracles

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DISCLAIMER: The information and products on this website are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or psychological illness, disease or condition whatsoever. Anyone looking for medical or psychological advice needs to contact a Licensed professional in those fields.  Erina Cowan is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. If you are interested in discovering and releasing the deeper causes of suffering which all originate in the mind, please contact us. All information, products or services on this website are intended for Spiritual Advancement and Education only.


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