We at Blue Sun Energetics are

Dedicated to Global Awakening

We are committed to:

Creating foundations of peace, joy and optimal health.

The end of suffering through healing the mind.

Understanding the Science of Subtle Energies.

Teaching ancient healing techniques using laws of Vibrational Resonance and Entrainment.

A Universal State of Oneness.

Assisting others in Awakening to the Grace which permeates All.

"What is real cannot be threatened. What is unreal does not exist."                A Course in Miracles

International Trainings

'Soulful Communication'
A 5 week web course satisfying the Coaching requirement toward a License as a Spiritual Health Coach or Quantum Health Coach.
'Mind Field Repatterning'

An advanced Dowsing course qualifying students
as a Board Certified Spiritual Dowser. This course is offered in both distance and 'live' formats.

Our teachings are founded on the non-dual principles of
 'A Course in Miracles'.

David and Erina offer individualized private consultations
which can help to release the unconscious blocks to our remembrance of our Divine Self. All suffering arises from our disconnection from the Divine within.

'Accredited by The Natural Therapies Accreditation Commission'

DISCLAIMER: The information and products on this website are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or psychological illness, disease or condition whatsoever. We have no interest at all in the Medical Model. Anyone looking for medical or psychological advice needs to contact a professional Licensed in those fields. David and Erina Cowan are Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches. All information, products or services on this website are intended for Spiritual Advancement and Education only.

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