Erina Carey Cowan:

Erina is a lover of life and is skilled in multidimensional work with energy, shifting patterns on the level of mind and opening the heart. Through this she assists others in awakening to their life’s purpose, passion and relationship with all of creation. Her life’s exploration of metaphysical and scientific approaches to understanding energy fields, mind and heart connection, relationship and spiritual awakening enrich all that she offers. She is a licensed Spiritual Health Coach, experienced dowser, author, international teacher and practitioner of alternative healing practices. 

‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (RWW 2012, amazon.com), which was co-authored by Erina and her husband David, is a comprehensive guide to working with Mind Field Repatterning TM or ‘MFR’. This is a powerful energetic healing system that both Cowans have developed together. Since David transitioned from this earth plane, Erina continues their work through offering MFR classes, private tutoring sessions and leading clients through highly transformative personal sessions. 

David's teachings are available through recorded classes in their 'Abundant Living' and '2017 Wakeup' Series, and through a series of YouTube videos. His essence and inspiration continue to be an integrated part of Erina's offerings.

A Personal Note from Erina:

“I have been traveling my life’s journey in search of truth; in the quest of remembering what is eternally shared with Creator, with all of creation…which is Love. This lifelong exploration has taken me through the raising of a family, a myriad of philosophical studies and spiritual paths, and evolving my life’s work as a healer, author and teacher. David and I cultivated an unconditionally loving union that reflected the devotion we each have to awakening this within ourselves. I have discovered that each soul dancing through this 3D experience shares a common goal…to dissolve fear and awaken Love within. This is achieved through our ever-changing relationship with life events, other people and all kingdoms of creation, including our beloved earth. There is no ‘out there’…everything we experience resonates with or ‘mirrors’ some memory within. In truth, each of us ‘only ever experiences our self.’ We are here to re-member connection and return to our natural state of Oneness.”

In Honor of My Beloved Partner David and Our Union

David Cowan transitioned to higher realms in 2017. David has served as a bright light on this 3D plane through inspiring, uplifting and empowering those he connected with. His colleagues, clients and students have long shared their deep gratitude for the transformation and personal growth they experienced through their time with him. David's love and devotion to family continues to grace us all. Love is eternal; we are not our bodies. His spirit is alive and engaged in guiding and inspiring those of us still in this plane...David's deep wisdom was (and is) complimented by a keen wit, 'light-heartedness' and a compassionate soul...which is ever-so-present              in our lives.

I  continue to offer and evolve the work we have dedicated our union to.  I am happy to be serving humanity in awakening love in our hearts and minds as together we dissolve the fear paradigm that we have played out      on this planet for eons past.

The purpose that David and I have dedicated our lives to continues to carry on:

"Upon our meeting several years ago, we knew within days that we were destined to come together for a Higher Purpose. The signs and circumstances around our meeting convinced us that we had a golden opportunity to devote ourselves to the cultivation of unconditional love. Our relationship has been a vessel for this purpose and we have come to realize that Love is the inherent nature of all of us, so we need do nothing to 'attain' it.  We need only release all that obscures Love’s Presence from our vision. Together we are committed to sharing this knowledge and to assisting others in awakening the One Truth (we are One!) within them. This is where all healing occurs.  All of our writings and classes are devoted to this one purpose. Thank you for your part in Awakening to Love’s Presence."

In Love, David & Erina