There was born in me an insatiable desire to know both love and adventure. After many years of seeking fulfillment in the ‘external’ world I embarked on the greatest of adventures, the journey within. Philosophical studies, meditation and raising a family served me well in this endeavor. I integrated insights in a career path led me through practicing as a P.A. in Functional Medicine to working in Energy Medicine and Quantum Biofeedback, Sound and Light Therapy and Dowsing. I have come to realize that all healing occurs at the level of Mind and that we are all free to choose how we wish to experience our lives. I teach courses with my husband David that are designed to empower, enliven and enrich lives. Our teachings which are founded on the non-dualistic principles presented in ‘A Course in Miracles’ are offered as powerful tools for personal change in our co-authored book, ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’. I find fulfillment in sharing my insights, joy and passions through writing, teaching and a growing love of musical expression. I am grateful for our children and grandchildren who continue to provide me with my greatest teachings and to reaffirm what I know to be true; that relationships as keys to awakening…lead us Home.

I started my sojourn on the planet growing up in a cozy family environment which encouraged love, laughter and learning. I chose to follow my ‘muse’ early in life by becoming a professional  musician, which enabled me  to support my family and pass on the gift or music. I returned to schooling at age 40, and settled into the helping profession as a counselor for children, families and the unemployed. My interests led me to become trained and certified in applied nutrition. I eventually embraced Quantum Biofeedback, an advanced computerized healing system, as both a practitioner and eventually international trainer and educator. My interests have expanded further to embrace the Spiritual aspects of healing, and now, with my wife Erina, teach and train others to become Licensed Spiritual Healers. My own inner work has given me an optimistic world view and desire share this with others through writing, teaching and music. I have authored ‘Navigating the Collapse of Time’, 'Seeing Beyond Illusions' and co-authored ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ with Erina to support others in tapping into their greatest potentials.

Our Union:
Upon our meeting several years ago, we knew within days that we were destined to come together for a Higher Purpose. The signs and circumstances around our meeting convinced us that we had a golden opportunity to devote ourselves to the cultivation of Unconditional Love. Our relationship has been a vessel for this purpose and we have come to realize that Love is the inherent nature of all of us, so we need do nothing to 'attain' it.  We need only release all that obscures Love’s Presence from our vision. Together we are committed to sharing this knowledge and to assisting others in awakening the One Truth (we are One!) within them. This is where all healing occurs.  All of our writings and classes are devoted to this one purpose. Thank you for your part in Awakening to Love’s Presence.

In Love, David & Erina