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Join David and Erina Cowan for these ‘life-changing’ webinar classes. 'Mind Field Repatterning' is a method of clearing the roots of suffering through focused intent and advanced pendulum work.  This ground-breaking series will give you the tools you need to move confidently through your life's journey … Imagine yourself empowered and fully capable of  creating a truly abundant life. Join us today! 

"The Force within you is strong. Release it with these classes, you will!"

"An absolute must... Learn with Dave or his lovely wife Erina! They are doing groundbreaking work! These were my teachers and currently I'm studying with them again! I'm awe inspired at the depth of healing that occurs from these two!

And if you're wanting to learn a healing modality, you can study with them as well via the web! Sign up for their courses and learn life changing techniques! You'll be glad you did! Thank you both for enhancing my life with the new! Learn all the time!!!! We can always become a better version of ourselves as knowledge and presence empowers!" TS 

Each Series offers four 90 minute classes with a total value of $500 worth of instruction and clearings. INCLUDED IN EACH SERIES IS A 2 HOUR 'GET UP AND GO' CLASS FOR NEW DOWSERS OR JUST TO UPDATE YOUR SKILLS. You can enjoy the benefits of each series along with all materials provided for the crazy price of only $99! 

Are you ready….

To take your healing practice beyond simply ‘clearing’?

To begin now to embrace a ‘new reality’ beyond the need to solve endless ‘problems'??

Because you want the very best for yourselves, your loved ones and clients, we want to share with you the latest techniques and ‘secrets’ we have discovered to truly begin moving ourselves now ‘beyond duality’ 

Where else can you access the valuable depth of understanding and empowerment that ‘MFR’ offers? Discover the amazing potential within you to truly be of service and be an impactful ‘change agent’ in support of a New Humanity and a New Earth.


CLASS ONE: Time to do a little pruning of the family tree!   

Beliefs run deep in the family roots… held as subconscious patterns in your cellular memory, your DNA. The science of Epigenetics tells us that DNA is changing all the time. You’re not victim to anything…. Learn how to release limiting patterns, shift DNA and how to create a new ‘relationship template’ for your lineage. All of your relationships will benefit from this class!

CLASS TWO: 'Working the number codes'   

Geometries, mathematics and numbers are a Universal Language. All manifestation is organized by numbers. You will learn to find the perfect 'code' to bring in balance and harmonize any issue you can imagine.

CLASS THREE: ‘Rewiring the Brain’     

‘Neuroplasticity’ is the ability of brain cells (neurons) to reorganize and form new neural pathways. This discovery releases us from the old paradigm belief that our childhood imprinting from birth through 10 years old dictates our experiences for the rest of our lives. Learn how to ‘reprogram’ your biochemistry to assist in releasing the past and enjoying life anew.

CLASS FOUR:  'Environmental Adaptation'  

We are organisms interacting with an environment that ultimately includes the entire Universe. At this time of dramatic shift and 'awakening', learning to move with the energies rather than in resistance can a go a long way to reducing stress and actually towards enjoying the process! 

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CLASS ONE: 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole'  

We understand that the mind, in its infinite creative power, represents the level of cause, while the world, our bodies, and experiences in time and space can all be described as 'effects.' Join Dave Cowan as he outlines the process of 'special issue investigation' that has helped hundreds of clients get clear of their blocks and limitations, freeing them to move on and consciously co-create the life that we all truly want and deserve. 

CLASS TWO: The ‘Secret Files’ - Releasing Resistance to a Living a Prosperous Life

We are cracking the ancient 'Babylonian Debt Slavery' code! We have been running this fear-based program for long enough…the reruns have gotten really boring (yawn)!  We’ve been playing it out through different scripts through our ancestral lineages and various lifetimes. This class is about finding where you’ve been ‘hiding’ these files and deleting them. Harmonic Rates for shiftingyour relationship with finances and for creating a prosperous life will be shared.

CLASS THREE: 'Travelling the Time Lines'

 Although we do understand that time is an illusion as another aspect of our belief in separation, nonetheless our 'thinking minds' operate on the assumption of time's 'reality'. Thus we choose to meet the mind 'half way' and work with its assumptions rather than against them. If the mind can recognize the beginning of an event its memory, it can also imagine it's end. Learn for yourself how to 'surf' the timelines and play in the fields of unlimited possibilities. 

CLASS FOUR: Living Your Life Purpose… Infinitely Creative and Joyfully Free

Are you having fun yet?? You are meant to be happy: it’s in your nature, whether you have tapped into it or not yet. When you are living your passions (Divine inspiration always brings joy along with it) and letting the creative juices flow…you are in alignment with your highest purpose.It’s your state of Being rather than what you are ‘doing’ that holds any relevance here. Cleaning your mind of what has been obscuring clarity, joy and creativity…opens the flow of these same things in your life. It’s all about ‘tuning in’ to another station of frequencies. Let’s do it!

Series Four All Classes Only $99


CLASS ONE: 'Dowsing 101' and 'the Protocol'

Join Dave Cowan for this foundational class in the practice of 'Mind Field Repatterning'. David will cover some of the proven Quantum principles that explain and support your power to create positive change and manifest intent in your life and the lives of those you care for. The 55 point protocol plays a central role in providing professional quality sessions, and covers a wide range of potential clearings and energetic 'upgrades'. You won't want to miss this comprehensive class. 

CLASS TWO: '30 Minute Power Session'

Dive deep into chart exploration and clearings with Erina. Learn how to efficiently make your own charts for any topic (the sky's the limit!). You will learn a 30 minute 'Power Session' protocol; a comprehensive session bringing the physical and 'light bodies' into greater harmony and health. Learn to help yourself and others get clear and feel a whole lot better in just 30 minutes. 

CLASS THREE: Dowsing 101 Part 2

Dave Cowan introduces the 'next level' of dowsing depth and accuracy with this powerful tool. Together with the '55 point Protocol' and the skillful use of the Cowan's charts, you have before you a complete  and comprehensive method to provide powerful professional-level 'Mind Field Repatterning' sessions. 

CLASS FOUR: Working the Lineages and Session Demonstration

Erina invites you to travel deep down the ancestral lineage with her in a 'live' one hour session demonstration.  As with all other 'Abundance' classes, charts and outlines will be provided to assist you in masterfully doing lineage work on your own.... 'prune' your family tree of old debris, and help others release their 'passed-down' limiting patterns.



CLASS ONE "Working with Earth Energies and Clearing Spaces"

Earth is a living system. You will learn to access and balance your relationship with the various grids and systems of this lovely and vibrant planet. Feel more grounded and confident as you travel life's journey knowing yourself as connected to a greater whole. 

CLASS TWO "Mind Field Repatterning" as Spiritual Practice 

The world and all within it are a 'mirror of the mind.' Discover the deep potential for inner transformation through consciously shifting the patterns within that obscure the True Light of your Being."

CLASS THREE"Freedom from Addictions"

All addictions are the result of an unconscious disconnect from Self. Learn to reclaim your birthright to joy, creativity and well-being through identifying and releasing core causes on the level of mind. Causes can include ancestral patterns, past traumas and limiting beliefs. Freedom is a choice ... claim yours now! 

CLASS FOUR"Healing the Emotional Body"

Emotions are primary determinants of our ongoing experiences, although we rarely understand 'where they come from' and how to best deal with them. In our work, we have discovered that hidden emotions can emerge as physical, relationship, and financial issues that seem to resist psychological approaches alone. In this class, Dave Cowan will describe exactly what 'emotional memory charges' are, how they are formed, and how we can release them for good. 




CLASS ONE 'Celebrating the Inspired Feminine'

The 'feminine essence' is alive and well and arising in our collective psyche as the inner call for peace and inspiration. Silence is her signature...and her gift to you is your ability to be inspired, nurtured, self-loving and accepting; to be able to effortlessly sustain a balanced mind, body and spirit through healthy feminine expression.  For thousands of years we have collectively suppressed this aspect of our being, while getting busier and busier in our work, our lives, our minds....supporting this with a very imbalanced 'masculine'!  Good news...The war is over!   You can relax your nervous system, quiet the mind and avail yourself to knowing your Self...whole, happy and creative. Erina offers a new 'spin' on cultivating this Divine Union within.  Not so much about clearing the old...rather, the attention here is on creating anew!

 CLASS TWO Healing the ‘Wounded Male’ Archetype

War, colonization and the competition for resources on our lovely Planet has not always been our story. You will learn how the ‘Wounded Male Archetype’ is in fact the result of ‘outside interference’ with human evolution; a chapter of our collective history that is now coming to light and to an end. By understanding how this unbalanced energy has manifested in our own lives, we can begin to ‘unwind’ these elements within ourselves, and start to open to a more harmonious and peaceful level of being. The very survival of the human race depends on this change.  Don’t wait for it to happen…be part of making it happen! 

CLASS THREE Connecting with Your Starseed Lineage 

Our ancestral lineages and soul timelines extend far beyond the history of planet Earth. In clearings over the years, Erina has often been called to assist clients in releasing limiting patterns and unconscious traumas that led us to connecting with lifetimes on other planets, in other star systems. She has seen people access memories (sometimes an image, sometimes a feeling) of being present to the completion of an ascension process in another star system or to experiencing first- hand the end of a planet's life cycle. Erina has witnessed personal breakthroughs occur when someone is able to connect with a sense of their stellar ancestral 
lineage. Connect with your 'off-planet' lineage, release unconscious resistance to ascension and open yourself to an expanded state of being... 

CLASS FOURGoing Deep - Dowsing the Emotional Body

How many of our every-day experiences are in fact being 'driven' by unseen emotional memory charges? Experiencing emotions is a big part of what makes us human, yet without an understanding of these hidden factors, we can be negatively affected by any unhealed emotional memories. With Mind Field Repatterning we have a unique and powerful process to bring these issues to the surface, observe them, and change our minds about them. In 'quantum time', all past events are 'present moment memories' and so are within easy grasp, once we have the tools. Join Dave in this fascinating exploration. Learn to uncover and release the deep, 'invisible' blocks to your joy, light and freedom!