'Mind Field Repatterning'

You won’t want to miss this amazing Webinar Series…

Join authors and teachers David and Erina Cowan

as they help YOU explore the endless potential WITHIN …


The Cowan’s have developed an

ADVANCED DOWSING SYSTEM they call ‘Mind Field Repatterning’

Learn and Receive Amazing Clearings at the same time! 


Program starts November 22, 2016


This process enables you to access the ANSWERS WITHIN and

shift the energies across all timelines.

It’s essentially a true demonstration of the power of your mind and

the limitless quantum reality of your true Self…


Topics include:


o   'Celebrating the Inspired Feminine'

o   ‘Healing the ‘Wounded Male’ Archetype’

o   ‘Connecting with Your Starseed Lineage’

o   Going deep - Healing the Emotional Body


"An absolute must... Learn with Dave or his lovely wife Erina! They are doing groundbreaking work! These were my teachers and currently I'm studying with them again! I'm awe inspired at the depth of healing that occurs from these two!” TS

Free Bonus Class for those new to dowsing … get ‘up and running’ with our

Introduction to 'Mind Field Repatterning' Streaming Video Class 


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Earlier classes in the Series are available for download now here: