Anatomy and Physiology for Light Energy Practitioners


This is a course for those not needing an extensive, detailed look into every nuance of A&P, but for those who need a general overview of the physical body structures and their primary functions. The purpose of the Course is to provide a basic understanding of A&P to enable the optimal application of Light Therapy and other Complementary Healing Modalities, as well as to satisfy the requirements for Certification. The Course earns 10 NTCB and BAHNS CEU’s.  

The Course consists of a live Webinar class, class notes and the purchase of two simple and affordable texts. Once purchased, you will receive a file of the recorded live class. Choose the best version, either PC or MAC. The PC version plays best on Windows Media Player 9 or better. Taking the class entitles you to 10 Credit Hours with BANHS and 10 CEU's for NTCB Certifications. You will be required to order the texts upon registration. There will be a comprehensive examination sent to you based on both the class and texts. It will be an open book exam and consist of multiple choice questions. The passing score is 80%.

Cost: $99.00 PC Version 

Cost: $99.00 MAC Version