Emerging Radiant from 2020 Global Crisis Series

Tuesday Evenings 6:30 - 8 pm MST on April 28th, May 5th, 12th

'Fine Tune Your Self-Regulation Skills'  

'Collapse the Illusion of Separation'  

'Global Unity through Self Alignment'  

We have an opportunity to create a brilliant new chapter in this world. 'As Within So Without'... if we want to see changes we must BE that which we want to see. Everything we experience emerges from mind. In order to create change it must occur there first. 

It's Time to Start a New Chapter

What Will You Experience?

1.    Fine-tuning your ability to self-regulate (stay harmonized body, mind, spirit) during times of destabilization, which we are currently in
2.    Collapsing the illusion of separation...
How to best navigate through the destabilization of an outdated paradigm
3.    Unifying global mind and heart to create a new template...How to emerge more radiantly than ever!

This Series Includes:
  • BONUS: 'Online Healing Retreat' 2 hr streamed video with Dave and Erina teaching you how the basics of how to 'get up and going' with MFR dowsing method
  • Three 90 min Mind Field Repatterning 'hands on' sessions.  Bring your pendulums!
  • Proprietary charts (downloads) for all three classes
  • Access to all three weeks recordings for 21 days following the third class 
  • Expanded skills and new charts to assist you, your clients and loved ones through this shift

We have been playing a masterful game of separation for eons. This foundation has always been unsustainable. It's clear that we cannot move forward as a species as we have been. The planetary phase we are in is a chrysalis state.  A global destabilization of all that we have previously called 'reality' here is well underway. This must occur before a higher state of Mind can emerge.

 To create a new paradigm requires that we shift from the limitations of our collective conditioning to awakening heart intelligence.

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