Healthy Partnerships 

              A Couple's Adventure in Recovering Wholeness and Reclaiming Love 

You need not seek love; rather remove the blocks that keep the awareness of Love’s Presence obscured from your vision… 


                             Benefits to You and Your Partner:  You will  

  • Understand relationship dynamics and the causes of disconnectiondiscovering the way back to healthy union 

  • Create a foundation for new beginnings in your relationship 

  • Open up to creating a joyful, fulfilling partnership 

  • Learn the art of ‘Soulful Communication’…an absolute ‘game-changer in relationships! 

  • Cultivate pathways to true intimacy  

  • Create a safe haven in which the sovereignty of both is honored 

  • Enjoy ultimate freedom through Self Realization 

  • Grow in mutual respect in the ongoing celebration of life and love! 

"Dave and Erina are effortless teachers who share big picture truths garnered from their years of studying and living many modalities and truths, including A Course in Miracles. They've inspired me to go deeper into myself to examine and release outdated beliefs, paradigms and baggage that have just... "fallen away". CR



Whether you are recognizing challenges in your relationship or just know that it could blossom to even greater levels of love and fulfillment, this program may be for you!  Healthy union occurs through the devoted partnering of two individuals who each understand how to love and accept themselves and one another unconditionally. Being love-based rather than need-based, each respects the other's sovereignty while working together to support the relationship. Discover unconscious beliefs that may be keeping your partnership cycling through endless 're-runs', easily release them and co-create a new beginning together. Bringing new life into your partnership may be far easier and rewarding than you imagined it could be! (Hint: it only takes one person committed to healing any relationship to shift the energy for both!) 



  • Six consecutive weeks of individual 1 hour sessions for each of you (12 personal sessions total).  Facilitating these as Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches, the Cowans offer you an opportunity to really be heard, to uncover patterns that may be causing you suffering and to further assist you in attaining greater peace, clarity and fulfillment within yourself and in your relationship.  Each of you will be meeting consistently with either Erina or David for the first three consecutive weeks.  The following three weeks you and your partner will switch Coaches.  

  • Six consecutive weeks of a joined 1 hour 'couples session'.  The Cowans will alternate weeks joining with both of you in this.  The session gives you an opportunity to share, to fine-tune the art of 'soulful communication' with one another and to be heard in a safe environment. 

  • A guidebook anshort videos designed around non-dual ideas derived from teachings in ‘A Course in Miracles’ will be provided to assist you in creating a foundation for peaceful relationship.  You will learn the art of 'Soulful Communication' as a practical application of the ideas presented.  See ‘Soulful Communication’ below. 

  • Inspirational Exercises will be suggested to guide you through this journey. This is not an overwhelming curriculum… We know everyone has a lot on their plates already! These weekly exercises which have become favorites of ours and many of our students are simple, practical tools to enhance your process. 

  • Weekly mentoring through email or a brief call if needed. 

  • NOTE:  Weekly sessions are done through either Skype or phone calls at your preference. Audio recordings are emailed as mp3 files for your convenience. 

 "Soulful Communication gives us a 'safe way' in our marriage to share anything with each other. A place where defenses are down, love is present, and honor is felt. No counseling, no rehashing stories or issues - Thank God! Just straight to the essence of Love. Any time we need a honeymoon, we engage in Soulful Communication! Our deepest heartfelt thanks." GB

Your Personal Guides: 

As Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches and Certified Quantum Health Coaches, David and Erina Cowan have instructed hundreds of students in the art of creating healthy relationships and the use of 'Soulful Communication' as a progressive approach to healed union in courses over the last decade. ‘A Course in Relationship’ is currently offered as an online class.  The Cowans have also served countless clients in achieving greater joy and purpose in their lives.  Many have reported life-changing transformations in their relationships with others and themselves.   


The Sessions include:  

  • 'Soulful Communication' Coaching. This is a communication method which brings individuals to a more authentic heart-centered connection and deeper state of listening and receiving one another. 

  • Intuitive clearing to assist clients in releasing limiting patterns and attaining greater clarity, peace and purpose in life. This benefits all relationships. 

  • Creating a safe 'container' for the relationship in which each individual can freely express themselves and discover exciting new possibilities for themselves and each other 

 "Soulful Communication has transformed my life and all of my relationships. Before I started working with you, I was suffering, in pain, overwhelmed and uncertain. Our work together has brought me clarity, healing, freedom, joy, and re-ignited my passion for learning. I am in a place of KNOWING that all things are possible." LD

"It only takes one person willing to see things differently, to change the dynamics of a relationship.  We call this ‘re-purposing’ relationships, which naturally creates a space in which a multitude of previously unimagined possibilities may occur! Some may say that this creates a place in which miracles can unfold." EC



     Healthy Partnerships Six Week Program       

Enrollment  $899.00  
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