Mind Field Repatterning ™

Are you feeling the inner ‘push’ to move to the next level of your life?


Imagine What You Could Feel Like Once Free of Limiting Patterns!

Mind Field Repatterning Level One

                               Ramada Jacksonville/Bay Meadows Hotel                                   9150 Bay Meadows Rd., Jacksonville Fla.  phone: 904-737-1700

Fri. March 31st ‘Meet n Greet’ 7- 9 pm to Launch Weekend Class Sat & Sun April 1, 2 …9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Experience Energetic Alchemy:   Access information from the infinite data bank of your ‘Superconscious Mind’…see what files are outdated, what scripts need editing and create powerful 'vortex' shifts in the quantum field...change your mind and change your life!

Play in the quantum field...learn how to 'time travel', restructure the geometry of your personal  template, collapse quantum wave forms and shift...

  • trapped emotions and cellular memories 
  • unconscious beliefs that manifest as illness, relationship and career challenges
  • genetic imprints that hold challenging ancestral patterns         
  • patterns that support depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental/emotional issues
  • blockages in creative expression
  • hidden beliefs that limit the infinite potential to manifest abundance in life

Over the last decade Dave and Erina Cowan have taught hundreds of people how to empower themselves and change their lives through mastering Mind Field Repatterning… a multidimensional intuitive system that integrates ancient wisdom with quantum principles to access and release the core cause of any issue.  A field of pure potential is then created, in which a new desired ‘reality’ can arise.  Together they have authored the acclaimed work ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (RWW 2011 www.amazon.com) outlining the method and theory they have developed.


"My body is now completely out of all discomfort of any kind. Fifteen years of tightness and pain in my upper and lower back were diagnosed as fibromyalgia. This caused terrible pain in my neck, limbs and feet which was completely released and removed at the end of the 2 day course. After seeing many, many doctors, several alternative and integrative healers and various blood and other tests I call this a true miracle! I feel more gratitude that I can possibly say! May God bless you both.”   MG  

"My clients are reporting liberation from whatever the patterns were that they have been holding in the Mind Field. If an experience is impressed upon consciousness, that is holding energy. Every time something is extracted from the Mind Field, then that energy is free to be redirected, so we can become more deliberate in designing the expression of the life situation we are in.” Wow…thank you, S"

“There is so much revealed through the healings that has helped me to understand my life and things which have happened in my life with so much more clarity.  I really do feel so much more optimistic about my life and am really energized now to do as much as I can to clear a lot of stuff that has been hanging around but that needs to be done anyway with because I know there is so much positive stuff just waiting for me to engage with, and the quicker I can get my little house in order the sooner I can welcome it all in.  It really has been amazing and I feel so blessed and so grateful to all the people who opened the little doors that helped me to discover you both.  I very much hope I can do more work with you both in the not too distant future.
So much blessings and gratitude, ‘M’

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