Navigating These Times With Grace and Ease

Wednesday Evening Clearing Calls from 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. MT

Sorry, We will not be able to have the Call  on Wed May 27th

Calls to resume in June; Dates to  be announced

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All are welcome!

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There's such a rise in fear/anxiety/chaos in our collective consciousness as we journey through this unprecedented global experience ... uncertainty triggers fear and anxiety.  Simultaneously we are seeing an emergence of compassion, kindness, love arising throughout this planet as well!  People reaching out as they can to assist one another, many support podcasts are available; the call to unite and serve the highest good for All is clearly evident!

Although certain circumstances are outside our control, each one of us always has authority over our minds and hearts.  The choice in each moment is pretty black and is a choice between succumbing to fear or shifting our minds to love.  There are so many techniques available to release stressful energy and 'reset' ourselves.  Where we choose to place our focus determines what we will cultivate as our 'reality'.

Everything we do to support peace within ourselves extends this vibration to the collective as well.
Join us on Wed evenings to continue growing a field of love, peace, coherency together!

'Navigating these Times with Ease & Grace' Free Clearing/meditation calls every Wednesday eve at 6 pm MT   Calls are 30 min.
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Thank you for your presence!