Step Through the 2018 Stargate to Infinite New Possibilities
Holiday 'Clearing' Specials are Offered through January 31st 2017...
A Truly Unique Gift for You and Your Loved Ones

Imagine what it could feel like to get clear about why you have been limiting yourself in areas of health, relationship, career and finances... and to be able to release these patterns 'on the spot' and step into 2018 with a clean slate!  How would that feel?  What would your world look like from a brand new perspective?  How would your loved ones receive such a uniquely empowering gift?

2 great options offered to you this 2017 holiday season:
  60 minute session discounted holiday special; $108  
30 minute 'special focus' special:  $63

60 minute clearing:  Bring to the session your top 3 areas of concern, or those you would like to see change in.
30 minute clearing:  Bring 1 'special focus' issue to the session and clear energetic causes to make space for the miraculous or 'unexpected' new possibilities and shifts to occur

All clearing sessions include:
 Erina's intuitive exploration of your issues prior to your call
Joining with you in a Divinely inspired clearing
Practical guidance and encouragement

Sessions are recorded and facilitated with your preference on Skype or phone call
An mp3 recording will be emailed to you after session