This year offers us the energy of the 'Earth Dog' to assist us in taking our dreams and aspirations into fruitful action!                                                                                                          More about 'Earth Dog' energy forecast:                                                             

 What a perfect time to join Erina in this evolved version of 'Wakeup Your Highest Potential' program, designed to ignite the fire of your Creative Spirit!

January Class is Full.  Stay Tuned for Next Class Dates, and Email Erina at to be put on a wait list

Classes are recorded and all materials to support your success are provided

This is about taking inspired action and stepping into your highest potential in Self-leadership.  Where is your heart calling you in life purpose right now?  Eckhart Tolle says that our highest purpose is to awaken our greatest potential; our life purpose is whatever we are doing in the moment to facilitate this. Are you clear on what brings you joy?  Do you know what gifts you have to share with the world, or how to go about doing this?  When you are in alignment with living your passion and sharing your joy...prosperity is a natural outcome.

When you are living in joy and fulfillment you raise the global vibration…this is how we change the world!  It’s always been an ‘inside job’!

This class is highly interactive...                                                                                                                                You are called to take action in creating the life you love!

  Join Erina for four highly empowering sessions focused on:

  • Getting really clear about what you love…become inspired

  • Releasing what you have unconsciously created to keep you distracted…wake up and start living a vital, joyful life 

  • Waking up your desire… and using it to create the life that aligns you best with your life purpose, creativity and abundance

  • Tapping into your Highest Potential…the world has been waiting for you…truly!

  • Creating a structured career/life purpose plan that is customized just for you… making charts that span one, three and six months, offering you a tangible plan to carry your inspired vision into manifestation

  • Feel the joy of knowing that you are making a difference in shifting the global consciousness through becoming all that you are meant to BE

      A powerful synthesis of Mind Field Repatterning, Tapping, Guided Meditations, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction 'Reset' through Breath Awareness, and 'Livelihood Success' Mapping will be shared... See you there!

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”  Gandhi

  All Classes are recorded. Charts, outline and other class materials provided