Are You Ready for that Quantum Leap into

Expression of Your Highest Potential 


Tuesday evenings at 6- 8:30 pm MT on May 28, June 4, 11th

Healing the Inner Child

We carry mental/emotional memories with us as chemical signatures in our DNA, energetic imprints in our fields and programming in our neural pathways... until we don't.

You are capable of discovering and dissolving these patterns and it can be easier than you may have imagined. In this class we will access data from your Superconscious mind and release traumatic and limiting 'energetic memories' from these early phases of your development: Your 'point of conception' gestation period, birthing, and childhood 0 - 12 years old. You are not defined by your experiences.  You are pure and perfect as you were created by One Who creates through Love.  Let go of unconscious misperceptions about yourself and remember who you really are... live the life you were designed to.

Clearing Trauma from Cellular Memory

Releasing trauma doesn't have to be a wrenching experience. Mind Field Repatterning enables you to release 'energy files' in the form of traumatic emotions, limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been buried deep within the neural pathways of your brain and the DNA within your cells.

"I forgive myself for all the ways I have tried to cope and heal." Bessel A. Van der Kolk

Expanding the release of trauma and re-purposing all of your experiences toward your awakening and the healing of our collective mind.  Join Erina on a pathway of discovery and release of vibrational patterns holding unconscious memories of trauma in body and field.  Included will be:

  • A scan for limiting ancestral patterns
  • Releasing unhealthy energetic 'relationship' cords
  • Chakras, Meridians and Aura Cleanse
  • Releasing resistance to letting go
  • Higher Self guided forgiveness 'release the shackles that bind you to the past'

Aligning with Your Highest Purpose; Loving Your Life

Feel the joy of knowing that you are making a difference in shifting the global consciousness through becoming all that you are meant to BE

When you access greater freedom from releasing entangled memories holding you to the awaken passion and purpose that stirs from deep within your soul

Align with your Soul's Divine Design through fine tuning these areas:

  • Desire, Intention, Attention, Allowance
  • Recognizing and easily diffusing 'old programs' that arise
  • Confidence, Clarity, Creativity

Wake up your desire… and using it to create the life that aligns you best with your life purpose, creativity and abundance Tapping into your Highest Potential…the world has been waiting for you!

 Classes are 90 minutes and are recorded. Materials are provided for downloading

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What is ‘Mind Field Repatterning’?

David and Erina Cowan of Blue Sun Energetics have developed a method of getting to the deep roots of life issues, utilizing pendulum dowsing in the process. The call this method ‘Mind Field Repatterning’.

‘Mind’ refers to much more than the ‘thinking mind’, and is more in alignment with the idea of a ‘Universal Mind’ that we all share. The ‘Field’ refers to the unlimited quantum field of all potential out of which we create all our experiences. As Einstein said, “The field is everything!” ‘Repatterning’ refers to the ability of the mind to release old patterns, beliefs or memories that no longer serve us, and create new understandings with increasing levels of realization and awakening through focused intent. The Cowan’s have discovered what the Ancient Wisdom has always reminded us … “The answers are within!”

We recognize that the Mind is the primary level of cause, and all else, including the body, our life stories, relationships, the world and cosmos for that matter, are all happening on the level of effect. Thus we ALL have the resources within ourselves to create the life we truly want for ourselves, our loved ones and human family. In our experience ‘MFR’ is a very effective way to access this power.