Mind Field Repatterning I... Change How You Experience Life 

Online Course Begins on May 18th 2021

Access the memory files held in your 'Superconscious mind' and delete the patterns that simply do not serve you anymore. 

What may you experience?

  • An enhanced opening of your heart and mind
  • Greater clarity, vitality and joy
  • Abundant living
  • Greater alignment with your life purpose
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Enhancement of your intuitive abilities
  • A renewed appreciation of life 

Five 90 minute online classes held Tuesdays at 6:00 PM MT

May 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15th
 Five 60 minute sessions for Q & A and interactive clearing practice 
held Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM MT
May 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17th

What will you learn?

  • Basic quantum principles and 'non-dual' perspectives
  • Classic and quantum dowsing using a pendulum
  • How to reduce suffering through a shift in perceptions
  • The ability to quickly find core energetic causes of any issue and release them
  • The art of shifting patterns to create tangible desired results
  • Time travel 
  • How to facilitate group and individual clearings

Within you there is a level of mind that we refer to as the Superconscious Mind... the true source of all that appears in the 'movie' you are playing out. There has been so much attention these days on the power of our minds; rightfully so. This power is not found on the level of your conscious mind however; rather, it lies in the depths of what we refer to as the  'Superconscious Mind'. It is here that you can discover hidden beliefs, memories and images that you have unwittingly been carrying with you along your soul's journey through this and other lifetimes.

Once these memories are found and released,it's like a veil is lifted and your call can be sounded loud and clear...you are then able to show up joyfully aligned in purpose and directed by Love's Presence shining brightly through you.

'Mind Field Repatterning' is the truly inspired technique that Dave and Erina Cowan have discovered and evolved over the last decade. 'MFR' provides a bridge to the Superconscious or 'Creative Mind', allowing you to become conscious of the 'causal factors' that have been directing the flow of experiences you have manifested throughout your life. Once this depth of consciousness is accessed, 'Mind Field Repatterning' provides the quickest, most efficient way to edit your script and change your life and awaken your heart!

It is with great joy I continue to share this discovery with others. I appreciate the amazing changes I have witnessed personally as well as what I have seen shift in the lives of our loved ones along with hundreds of MFR clients and students world-wide.

Join us for this life-changing series. Take the 'reins' back in your hands. You are the director and producer of your own life script. Release past traumas through 'time travel', traverse dimensional planes to shift distortions, reconfigure your family tree and change your time line... 

 You are a radiant divine being choosing a human experience. Awaken now to this truth and let 'Mind Field Repatterning' light your path home.


Mind Field Repatterning Online Mastery Course 

five 90 minute classes, five 60 minute Clearings with Q & A Sessions 
 Proprietary charts and other materials provided for your powerful transformation...value $1200

In dedication to our part in dissolving illusion and awakening hearts and minds we offer it for a nominal registration fee of $333

Enroll Here

Alumni Special Enrollment

For those of you who have completed MFR Mastery 1 and wish to dive back in and expand your skills


What Others Have Shared:

“Erina and David Cowan deliver a powerful message to the world, and in a most beautiful manner. Self-healing is quick, thorough and complete with their simple methods and techniques. My long term and very painful fibromyalgia is completely gone after taking their two day ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ course. The tool is Spiritual Dowsing, so easy and fun to learn. With each session we did, more and more of the pain disappeared. My reaction is, “I am shocked and amazed!” 

"The precision is out of this world! I am so grateful for what you have shared with me.  I spend at least an hour a day dowsing laying out healing paths for people... and another few hrs MFR on myself, loved ones, mass consciousness, and more recently anyone I feel a mild conflict with...That's been mind and heart blowing. My recent dowsing practice has completely opened up my pathways so that I'm aware of a stream of information even when not dowsing now."

"...I have worked on clearing my energies and chakras, and removing various blockages, but yesterday I had a wonderful experience which I would like to share with you. I was in a small spiritual group and one lady appears to have brought an attachment which began to affect another, very sensitive lady present, to the point where she was shivering violently and in tears. While the other people present began to give her Reiki, cover her with blankets etc, I picked up my little pendulum, and using a left spin, asked it to remove the energy that was causing the distress. It lifted within thirty seconds, much I have to admit, to my amazement. I had no doubt about its effectiveness working on my own issues, but this was proof positive that it works with other people too. I am so grateful for this amazing gift..."

“David and Erina Cowan present limitless possibilities with dowsing as well as methods to assist in removing many blockages within our mindset.  I find the information presented fascinating and recommend it to anyone wishing to make as self-transformation.” D.H.

“I’ve done simple dowsing for years, but this is like going from a bicycle to a corvette.  I had no idea there were so many things you could do with dowsing.” P. W.