Continue your immersion into 'transformational alchemy' from the comfort of your own home with ‘Mind Field Repatterning Going Deeper' interactive five week course  

Designed as a powerful next step in your journey to limitless creative possibilities and Self-discovery, 'MFR Going Deeper' follows the highly interactive structure established in the MFR Mastery Course.

Five 90 Minute online Classes Tuesdays at 6 PM Mountain Time 

From Feb 20th through March 20th

Five 60 minute Support Conference Calls Fridays at 5 PM Mountain Time

From Feb 23rd through March 23rd



Week One - Jumping right in:  Dimensional exploration and collapsing the illusion of separation

Week Two:  Journey deep into the roots of your family tree to honor your ancestors, heal family relationships and energetically shift your DNA template to raise the vibrational status of your lineage, create positive changes for yourself and bring to completion limiting story lines that have been played out through the generations

Week Three:  30 Minute revitalized protocol to feeling lighter and brighter, grounded and clear! Consider this an appropriate 'light shower' that can fit easily into your busy schedule...for yourself, for clients, for other loved ones

Week Four:  Abundant Life... Discover and release limiting beliefs, emotions, feelings, environmental patterns, social influences and early childhood imprinting that have held scarcity consciousness or 'life is a struggle' patterns playing out in any area of your life, including the area of financial prosperity

Week Five: 'Oneness'... Birth unity consciousness as you release resistance to fully aligning with your higher Self.  There's nothing you need add to yourself as you were created pure and perfect, divinely designed as a beautiful wave in the ocean of creation. You are destined to be fully awake and expressing creation in whatever ways bring your heart joy as long as you reside in this physical plane and beyond. Use Mind Field Repatterning as a tool to bring you 'back to center' when feeling off, to assist you in knowing peace, even in the midst of chaos around you.  This is the heart of this's all about 'reducing suffering and saving time'

 Enjoy Savings and Ensure Yourself a Great Beginning to 2018

Early Registration Enrollment Until Jan 31st: $289

Regular Registration: $333