The Amazing Power of Your Mind ... Diving In Head-First Can Open Your Heart and Change Your Life!

For the first time…we are offering the ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ Mastery Class through an interactive six week life-changing online course.  

Six 90 Minute online Classes Tuesdays at 6 PM Mountain Time 

From Oct 17th through Nov 21st

Six 60 minute Support Conference Calls Thursdays at 6 PM Mountain Time

From Oct 19th through Nov 23rd

Do we ever stop to consider how powerful we are? Our lives are so filled with schedules, obligations and time-consuming responsibilities that we rarely stop to consider the 'power within'.

We understand that the world, our bodies and relationships can only truly be seen as effects of a deeper cause. Until we connect with this 'primary cause', however, we are left to being caught up in the endless varieties of ever-changing effects or 'everyday experiences' that often leave us dazed, confused and simply 'worn out'... feeling as though we have little or no control over what seems to be external circumstances.

Within you there is a level of mind that we refer to as the Superconscious Mind... the true source of all that appears in the 'movie' you are playing out. There has been so much attention these days on the power of our minds...rightfully so. This power is not found on the level of your conscious mind however; but lies in the depths of what we refer to as the  'Superconscious Mind'. It is here that you can discover hidden beliefs, memories and images that you haven't even realized you have been carrying with you along your soul's journey of this and other lifetimes.

'Mind Field Repatterning' is the truly inspired technique that we have discovered and evolved over the last decade together. 'MFR' provides a bridge to the Superconscious or Creative Mind, allowing you to become conscious of the 'causal factors' that have been directing the flow of all that is manifest in your life. Once this depth of consciousness is accessed, 'Mind Field Repatterning' provides the quickest, most efficient way to edit your script and change your life!


It is our greatest joy to share this discovery with others since we have found it to change our lives and that of our loved ones and hundreds of clients and students world-wide.

For the first time we are offering our 'Mind Field Repatterning' Mastery Class as a live online course beginning in September.

As we have all been evolving so rapidly here on planet has 

Mind Field Repatterning!

Join us for this life-changing series. Take the 'reins' back in your hands. You are the director and producer of your own life script. Release past traumas through 'time travel', traverse dimensional planes to shift distortions, reconfigure your family tree and change your time line... Come alive! It is your inherent nature to live freely, joyfully and wholeheartedly.

 You are a radiant divine being choosing a human experience. Awaken now to this truth and let 'Mind Field Repatterning' light your path home.


Regular Course Enrollment is $375

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With a One Time Payment of $299

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'Mind Field Repatterning' Alumni Discount
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