We want to thank all of you whom we have been graced to know through our classes, personal sessions and teaching. We wanted to put together some special 'packages' for you, giving you some cost-saving options on our existing programs...

FIRST OPTION: ALL FIVE 'Abundant Living' streaming classes.

Enjoy all twenty specialized classes with thirty hours of instruction especially for Dowsers and aficionado's of 'Mind Field Repatterning.' These classes will give you detailed instruction and come with all the charts and notes you'll need to incorporate them into your lives and practices. For Beginners a 2 hour 'Get up and Going Class' is included with the program. Check out these titles...all included in your package and all available 24/7 for unlimited streaming

'Pruning' the Family Tree

Working the Number Codes

Rewiring the Brain

Environmental Adaptation

Going Down the Rabbit Hole with 'Special issues'

Releasing Resistance to a Prosperous Life

Travelling the Time Lines

Living Your Life's Purpose

Dowsing 101 and 'the Protocol'

30 Minute Power Session

Dowsing 101 Part 2

Working the Lineages + Session Demo

Working with Earth Energies and Clearing Spaces

Mind Field Repatterning as Spiritual Practice

Freedom From Addictions

Healing the Emotional Body

Celebrating the Inspired Female

Healing the Wounded Male Archetype

Connecting with Your Star-seed Lineage

Going Deep - Dowsing the Emotional Body

Regular Price $245

Special Price Only  $155 ($90 Savings!)

Offers Good Until Dec 24th, 2016

SECOND OPTIONALL FIVE 'Abundant Living' streaming classes PLUS A Half Hour Personal Session. A $299 Value for Only $189 ($110 Savings)


ALL FIVE 'Abundant Living' streaming classes 

PLUS A Half Hour Personal Session

PLUS the entire 'Home Study Program' ($333 Value)

This is a two day live recordedMFR class  

A $632 Value for Only $299 (a savings of $333!)