The evolutionary process Mind Field Repatterning TM or ‘MFR’ that David and I have developed makes it easy to access the deepest levels of mind and energetic memory to discover and release patterns that have been eclipsing the heart and mind. When clear of these energetic 'overlays', we resonate with higher vibrational waves in our external environment. We then ‘tune-in’ to the situations, relationships and experiences that mirror the new clarity in our minds and the love in our hearts. We are here to re-member connection and return to our natural state of Oneness. I am here to assist in this global awakening that we are all part of.

Gift yourself with customized sessions to address primary issues and areas that you would love to transform! Imagine starting 2018 with great confidence in being able to manifest what your heart desires...without any real snags!  This makes a perfectly unique gift for those you love as well

'Shift Happens' after all...

What Benefits May You Experience?

  • Greater clarity and inspiration
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Healthier, happier relationships
  • Clarity of and alignment with your life's purpose
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Abundance in finances and all areas of life
  • Beneficial changes in your life circumstances
  • Increased love of life

Personal Sessions include: 

Up to 30 minutes 'prep' time before your call

One hour recorded Skype or phone session

Intuitive assessment and clearing

Practical suggestions are shared

Empowering Insights

Your participation is encouraged

You are your own healer...Tap the power that's been in you all along 

Erina can assist you in quickly discovering and releasing energetic causes to limiting patterns in areas of career, finances, health and relationship.  We all have a blueprint that we intentionally came into this life with; one that best serves our soul's journey in spiritual growth. The thing is, since we are co-creators in this design, we are able to modify it along the way. Unless we know what's in the blueprint, we can't make the necessary changes to effect a desired change in our timeline or 'soul's trajectory'. Imagine being able to check out your blueprint to see what still works for you and what's up for positive change... Register today for your soul's 'blueprint' exploration and transformational session!

       Treat yourself to a transformative energy session package with Erina today!                       

Personal Sessions with Erina

Individual Healing Sessions & an option for 'MFR' Personal Tutoring

Personal Session Options
  1. Sessions are available through Skype or phone call...your choice
  2. 1 hour recorded session (with up to 30 minutes prep time prior to your call) emailed as mp3 file
  4. Sessions are discounted through package selections offered below:
Option One:   1 Personal Session for $120

Option Two:   3 Personal Sessions for $298
Option Three: 5 Personal Sessions for $450

Option Four:
10 Personal Sessions $850

Procedures for all Private Sessions are the same: [these are the steps, please read]

1. Commence Payment for selected Session via PayPal [buttons located below].
2. Then E-Mail Erina with your name and phone number at
3. Erina will call you back and set up an appointment
4. You will receive an email with further directions

Note: Personal Sessions are not transferable. All payments are final with no refunds.

Informed Consent:
  By clicking the PayPal Button below and agreeing to contract with Erina Cowan for a private session, I fully acknowledge that I know Erina Cowan does not present herself as anything other than a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, and thus she does not purport to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent and physical or psychological disease, disorder or ailment. Any suggestions she may offer is purely for my Spiritual growth and development. I fully acknowledge the Divine Source as the only True Healer.

Click on below Informed Consent .pdf document below to read in full:
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Option One: 1 hour recorded session $120
Option Three: 5 Personal Sessions for $450

  Option Two: 3 Personal Sessions for $298

Option Four: 10 Personal Sessions $850 (20% discount)

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