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Navigating the Collapse of Time

A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions

by David Ian Cowan

 'The New Book based on Dave's 'Earth Changes' ebook released in June, 2011. 

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MFR 'Charts Only'

Mind Field Repatterning

'Charts Only' E-Book
David and Erina are happy to provide a new book of Dowsing Charts for the experienced dowser. For detailed instructions on how to use these charts, see 'Dowsing Beyond Duality (RW Books 2012). We suggest printing the charts out and inserting into plastic sleeves to create your own Charts Book


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 NEW Kindle E-Book

 David's new book provides a personal journey  for you through some of the key passages of

'A Course in Miracles'

Intended for both new and existing Course students, 'Staying the Course'  promises to provide a solid companion for those wanting to delve deeply into the 'hidden treasures' of the Course.

 Dowsing Beyond Duality

David and Erina eagerly anticipate the release of 'Dowsing Beyond Duality: Access Your Power to Create Positive Change' in June of 2012. The work combines the three manuals they have authored and more, and will be the basis of a Correspondence Course for Certification as a Spiritual Dowser. The book is ready for pre-order now at Follow this link to reserve your copy:

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Click on .pdf file below to Download Free Chart Edits for charts 6, 7 and 15
DBD Book Edits.pdf DBD Book Edits.pdf
Size : 319.526 Kb
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