What is 'Quantum Biofeedback' ? 

'QB' is a method of energetically connecting with a client 'at a distance' through proprietary software that enables an exchange of information between client and computer. The purpose of a Quantum Biofeedback Session is to identify stressors that may be operating at an unconscious or pre-symptomatic level in order to make good decisions regarding one's overall health and well-being. 

How does it work?

According to the proven principles of Quantum Physics, 'mind' and 'matter' cannot be separated. There is an energetic continuum that connects all manifestation on a deep, subatomic level. Thus, thoughts, which can be electromagnetically measured, effect our bodies and world.

A computer is simply an extension of human potential, and also produces a 'programmed' electromagnetic field that affects all matter on a subtle energetic level.

The 'two way' interface between computer and client opens a conversation where the body and mind's recognition of specific stressors can be registered by the computer and 'fed back' to the client in a cybernetic loop ... in some cases activating a natural healing response through breaking patterns of adaptation of habituation to our specific stress patterns.

Although operating on the level of 'subtle energies', much like in Homeopathy, a small shift in our energy field, if accurate and appropriate, can instigate significant changes on the macro level.

Does Quantum Biofeedback Replace Standard medical Care?

Of course not. There is a place for all modalities in our world. A QB practitioner, unless Licensed to do so, cannot and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any physical or mental disorder. However, many experts now agree that stress is a major contributor to the development of illness. Detecting and treating stress before it manifests as 'disease' only makes sense from a preventative perspective. 

David and Erina Cowan have been working with QB for over a decade each, and have learned to respect the kind of assistance QB can have in an over-all preventative and wellness maintenance program. They also recognize that as QB often reveals the subtle, unconscious stress patterns at the root of our issues, it can be more accurately described as a Spiritual (or 'Multi-Dimensional') Healing modality. Both David and Erina are Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches, and bring their entire 'toolbox' into every session. They both look forward to joining you on your journey to optimal wellness. 


Our Offer: Enjoy a series of FIVE WEEKLY SCHEDULED ONE-HOUR SESSIONS at a drastically reduced rate of $70 per session (regular cost $100 per sessions) for a low price of only $350. You will receive a brief email synopsis of your session results. If possible, we arrange session times so you can be 'available' to sit quietly and receive.