Is There a Longing Within You to Connect More Deeply with Our Beloved Planet?

Imagine yourself traveling to distant lands and ancient sites where the veils between worlds are thin and the heart opens with joyful memory...
A whisper so soft yet so compelling catches your attention, 
calling you to awaken your spirit of adventure 
and answer your longing to reconnect with places 
you vaguely remember though experienced in a distant dream.

2019 Journeys

October 13th - 26th:

Egypt...Remembering Union’

With Kriszta Veres and Erina Cowan

Egypt is calling!  If you feel this call within your heart, join us in a journey to sacred temples and energy portals that connect us with the memory of union…igniting the spark of our divinity within the very strands of our DNA.

Connect with the harmony and balance of ancient Egyptian culture, which many current researchers are describing as being one of the most advanced civilizations on our planet in 10,500 BC, during our last golden age.  The union between the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine was honored and upheld as a foundation for their civilization.

Together we will explore the mystery of the pyramids in the ‘Band of Peace’ Pyramids      (The Pyramid Code, sacred temples, and enjoy sailing down the cleansing waters of the Nile. Feel the deep connection that the Ancient Egyptians had with Spirituality, as a naturally integrated part of their everyday lives.

Our explorations will take us to the Temples of Isis and Hathor, where Ancient Mystery Schools taught their Initiates.  Opening our hearts to the divine feminine essence, we awaken this vibration within ourselves.  With this, we join in activating a healing of the imbalance between masculine and feminine that has perpetuated over thousands of years of patriarchal rule in Egypt and elsewhere following the earlier peaceful period of Ancient Egypt. This trip celebrates and supports the reawakening of Union. Using sound, meditation, sacred breath work and ceremonies we will connect our inner with outer world in remembering this.

If you are interested in joining us contact Erina directly at


Kriszta shares some personal insights throughout the following itinerary.  These are based on the many experiences she has had intuitively and otherwise over years of leading tours in this area.

Oct 13th - Arrival in Cairo and transfer to the hotel; tour group gathering over dinner

Oct 14th am –  Sunrise overlooking the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. We will do a grounding and intention setting circle at this powerful spot. Than we will walk the Giza Plateau, connecting with the energies of the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids and with the whole area. In this field we open our hearts bodies and souls to the powerful experience we are embarking on. After the walk we will enjoy breakfast in the legendary Mena House Hotel, located by the foot of the Great Pyramid.

Oct 14th pm -  Private visit to the Abo Rawash Pyramid: The northern most pyramid in the Peace Band, located opposite Heliopolis, the ancient city of the Sun. Abo Rawash is dedicated to Ra-Atum and is said to have been built by Djedefra. Ancient translation of Abo Rawash is 'Sehedu Star' (Sehedu is in the Orion Belt)

Oct 15th – Visit the pyramids of Meidum and Dahshour. All four of these pyramids are said to have been built by Pharaoh Sneferu, whose name means ’double harmony’.  See and feel for yourself the energy of each of the pyramids. Conventional theories regard the pyrpamids to be serving as ’tombs’. The experience that many have reported suggests a more expanded view of the pyramids' purpose. The Meidum pyramid 'collapsed pyramid' is at the southern end of the Peace Band.  

The three pyramids of Dahshour – the Black, Bended and Red – I call the Moon Pyramids, as I feel them very much connected to the phases of Womanhood (Crone, Mother/Lover, Maiden). My Soul remembers the Sacred Grove of Isis once flourishing here between the three pyramids. Together they create a powerful field that assists in the connection to energies of true Sisterhood and the Feminine and Masculine working in complete harmony (Sneferu – double harmony J).

Oct 16th am–  An early morning private visit of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. We will walk the three chambers of the Great Pyramid (only one of them can be visited in normal opening hours). This walk is a strong initiation process, where we can cleanse vibrational memories of ’abuse connected to power’, which has been such a strong recurring theme for thousands of years. Through this cleanse we can reconnect with the ’Real ’ Us. Following this we will hold our ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx, who is known as Lady Tefnut. Her name means ’the moisture in the air, the source of life on Earth’. She is the guardian of the Heart of Egypt and she holds a powerful space to cleanse our hearts from all which is not forgiven yet.

Oct 16th pm - We will rest and relax in the hotel after this powerful experience and than in the afternoon we will visit the Tree of Mother Mary. The sacred sycamore tree, which opened its trunk to offer a safe place to the Holy Family is located where the City of the Sun, the Ancient Sacred Place of Atum-Ra used to be. Only the obelisk remains from that sacred city and temple, which is said to be the home of the benben stone,'the Stone of Destiny'. We will connect with the mystery of this place through our visit to the obelisk.

Oct 17th – Our journey continues in the Healing Temple of the Sakkara Pyramid, where we will walk through the Mirror Gate, the Hall of Prayers, and the Courtyard of the Cobras.  We will stand in the Healing Room, where archetypal energy of the Healer flows very strongly.  After this we have the opportunity to visit one of the small pyramids, which was actually built as a tomb.

This day will be brought to completion in the powerful inner space of the Serapeum, between 24 huge granite and bazalt sarchophagi (each one between 70-100 tons). According to the official theory they are  tombs of the Apis Bulls, said to be incarnations of the ancient Egyptian deity, Ptah. This is but one conventional theory.  What I can say from experience, is that the energy and every aspect of this whole place is mind-blowing!  You can really feel the connection to our ancestors in the Stars and also sense that the huge sarcophagi are likely portals to connect with other worlds.

Oct 18th – The crown of our trip is a private visit to the Atlantis Portal of Abu Ghurab and to the Valley Temple of  AbuSir. The alabaster altar of AbuSir is strongly connected to the 5 elements. Some call it a 'Star Gate'.  I call it 'Atlantis Portal', as it opens a gateway to the energy of the ’Lightful Period of Atlantis’.  Many believe the alabaster stone itself is a remnant from Atlantis.

The Valley Temple of AbuSir is another 'mindblowing' experience with its singing stones, which are proof of very advanced ancient technology. We will also connect with the Maqbara there.  The Maqbara hold a strong connection to Ptah, the Neter who creates with the ’Thought of the Heart’.

At day’s end we will have our closing circle for the first half of our tour and enjoy dinner on the Nile.

Oct 19th -  For those who have chosen to join us for the first part of tour only: You will transfer to the airport to flying home.  Those who are enrolled for the entire 13 day tour: We will be travelling on to Abu Simbel. 

Optional Continued Tour to Upper Egypt:

19th October- An early morning flight to Aswan, transfer to our accomodation to the Nubian Village.

Our day continues sailing along the Nile, which is most beautiful in the Aswan area.  We will redirect our intentions and ground our energies to the different vibration of Upper Egypt. In the afternoon we will visit the Nubian temple of Kalabsha, releasing what no longer serves us in the presence of Mendulis, the Nubian vulture Neter. He is the counterpart of Horus, son of Isis and Osiris.  Following this we will reconnect with our joyful nature in the Sanctuary of Qertassi-Hathor.

20th October – Early morning, after breakfast we start our bus journey to visit the Temples of Abu Simbel. The official theory calls them mortuary temples built by Ramses II, with the larger onededicated to himself and the smaller one to his ’Great Wife, Nefertari’. We will start with visiting the smaller temple dedicated to Nefertari-Hathor.  To me, this temple held the Mystery School of Hathor.  This is where her priestesses were trained and where the Great Queens of Egypt were initiated. This is the land of Nubia, which was always sacred to Hathor, from long  before the temples of Ramses II were built.

Oct 21st am –  Visit Island of IsisExperience sunrise on the Nile as we join at the gate through which priestesses would enter the Isis Temple each morning.   As we enter the Temple perhaps you will connect with the essence of Divine Union, which was celebrated here between the initiated Pharaoh and Queen.  The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine will be honored as the eternal template of creation...within us and as part of all that exists.  Each of us will have an opportunity to go within and connect on a personal level with this knowledge held deeply in our DNA. 

After this visit we will enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the temple. 

Oct 21st pm - We check onto the Nile cruise and relax with a free afternoon.

22nd October – Island of Isis.  Experience sunrise on the Nile as we join at the gate through which priestesses would enter the Isis temple each morning.   As we enter the Temple perhaps you will connect with the essence of Divine Union, which was celebrated here between the initiated Pharaoh and Queen.  The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine will be honored as the eternal template of creation...within us and as part of all that exists.  Each of us will have an opportunity to go within and connect on a personal level with this knowledge held deeply in our DNA. 

After this visit we will enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the temple, and return to our cruise ship at lunch-time, and we start sailing towards Luxor.

Late afternoon we arrive at KomOmbo, where we will visit the Oneness Temple, and do the journey of leaving behind polarities and arrive at the One.

Oct 23rd am – Early morning we will visit the Sacred Marriage Temple of  Edfu where Horus and Hathor met every year in the ’Soul’ through the ceremony of the 'Beautiful Embrace'.

Oct 23rd pm - We continue sailing towards Luxor, arriving there in the afternoon. We will visit Luxor Temple in the evening and walk the Ceremonial Road of the Sphinxes, following the rebirthing journey of the Pharaoh, merging with our Divine Self in the Birth House of the Temple.

October 24th – A powerful sequence of stops to the West Bank of Luxor, visiting the remains of the magnificent     Temple of Amenhotep the III., the Valley of the Queens,  the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of the Great Queen, Hatshepsut.

October 25th –  Early morning we will visit the Temple of Hathor in Dandara, where we will connect with the         7 Hathors in different parts of the Temple. After that we will visit the Temple of Karnak, including the powerful Sanctuary of Sekhmet.  Here we will join as a group to activate a healing of the wounding left behind by the    Amun Prieshood and the Annunaki.

There is no accident that this is our final day’s visit. Throughout all previous stops we have been connecting with the Sacred Feminine and with the essence of Divine Union as it was embraced and lived in the Egyptian culture prior to the oppressive influence of the Annunaki race and ensuing expression of unhealed masculine dominance.  We will have, by a powerful field of healing energies supporting the expression of the Sacred within ourselves and as a group.  This we offer as an expression of love through simple ceremony within the walls of this temple.  We are all One. This blessing we offer will be an immediate gift to the Collective Field... a wave of Sacred Union.

Oct 25th pm - Closing circle on the roof of our hotel overlooking the Nile.

26th October – transfer to the airport to fly home

Pricing and Logistics:

The whole 13 day guided journey is priced at $4135 USD

plus two domestic flight fees - which will be additional to the total journey price noted above. These price ranges (noted at current value March 2018) are listed below:

  • Domestic flight from Cairo to Aswan on Oct 19th  (price range from 87 -127 USD)
  • Domestic connecting flight from Luxor to Cairo airport on the day you choose to fly home (price range from 50-117 USD)
These domestic flight prices are listed under March 2019 values .  Check for current pricing.  Both are about 1 hour flights.
These flights will be booked for you by Lady Egypt Tours (LE) since they get the best deals and...
we all need to be together on the flight from Cairo to Aswan on Oct 19th
LE will book your connecting flight from Luxor to Cairo once you have purchased your international flights and sent us your itinerary.
LE will include the domestic airfare purchases to your tour cost.

What does this full 13 Day Journey price include?

This includes the first 6 nights in Cairo for the Peace Band Pyramid tour and the following 7 nights in Upper Egypt. Detailed coverage is listed below under ’Pyramids Journey’ and ’Upper Egypt Journey’.

This price does not include air tickets (international or domestic flights), entry visa to Egypt (currently $25 USD), drinks, additional meals beyond breakfast and dinner, and tips for personal favors


Price of the Pyramids Journey only (the first 6 nights and visits to the Peace Band in the Cairo area):             $2,570 USD per person

This includes:  6 nights in the Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino sharing double occupancy twin bed rooms (NOTE: single room supplement is $390 USD extra for the 6 nights), 6 breakfasts and dinners (including one breakfast in the legendary Mena House Hotel), all transfers and transportation according to itinerary, entrance fees, private permission fees according to itinerary, tips to hotel staff, guides, drivers, temple guards, and the ’Remembering Union’ guided journey with Erina and Kriszta

These prices do not include air tickets, entry visa to Egypt (currently $25 USD), drinks, additional meals beyond breakfast and dinner, and tips for personal favors



Upper Egypt Price Breakdown: $1,565 USD per person:

This includes: Accommodations in double occupancy rooms (NOTE: single room supplement is $290 USD for the 7 nights), Including 2 nights in the Nubian Village Hotel (3-star), 3 nights on the 5-star cruise ship, and 2 nights in the 5-star Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel in Luxor, all breakfasts and dinners in Aswan and Luxor, full board on the cruise, transfers and transportation according to the program, entrance tickets to sites, , tips to hotel staff, tips to guides, drivers and temple guards; the continued ’Remembering Union’ guided journey with Erina and Kriszta. 

The price does not include two domestic air tickets, drinks, additional meals, tips for personal favors.




About Erina and Kriszta

Kriszta Veres was born in Hungary and worked for many years in tourism in her home country but a journey to Egypt in 2003 opened her spiritual path and changed her life forever. She is a healer, priestess, spiritual teacher and a writer of Soul-novels

Kriszta trained in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones and was initiated as a Priestess of Avalon. Parallel with her training she had started to dig into the memories of the people of the Carpathian Basin, starting on her path toward discovering the Goddess world of Old Europe, the ‘peaceful Neolithic culture of the Danube Valley’, a term coined by Maria Gimbutas. Her journey led her into researching the ‘Wheel of the Year’ used by the different people living in the Carpathian Basin from the Stone Age until the arrival of the Hungarian tribes. She initiated and held the space of the Hungarian Goddess Temple, organized Goddess Festivals in Hungary and taught ceremonial workshops in Hungary,Cyprus, the U.K. and Portugal.

In 2010 Kriszta was hesitant to return to Egypt as she was settled with her life in Hungary but while on one of her visits to Egypt she started doing healing work with the local community of women and men and her bond with the land of Egypt was reawakened. The hesitation was replaced by a love-story and at the end of 2010 she felt that this land had called her back. She moved to Egypt after the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and has been living there since. She then married the love of her life, an adoring Egyptian man.

Her path became more focused on Oneness and finding the Divine presence everywhere in all the paths. She has been delving into Islam for a few years and is especially drawn to Sufism and Rumi.

Kriszta is on a constant journey of remembering the ancient mysteries of Egypt, visiting the sacred places regularly, alone and with her groups. Her love with Ancient­­ and modern Egypt has become a devotion.  She loves taking visitors ‘behind the normal tourist roads’, and likes to show them the “real” Egypt. On her trips she is a channel to the energy of the temples and ancient sites and she holds a sacred space for people to assist them in having a strong energetic and enriched Soul experience in Egypt.

Erina Cowan is an Author, Teacher and Facilitator of Awakening Hearts and Minds

She is skilled in multidimensional work with energy; shifting patterns on the level of mind to open the heart. Through this she assists others in awakening to their life’s purpose and passion. Erina integrates metaphysical and scientific approaches to working with energy fields. She is co-author of ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (RWW 2012), co-founder and Trainer of 'Mind Field Repatterning'tm.  Erina’s love of travel and joining others who are devoted to awakening the ‘Sacred’ within is birthing a new phase of her work.  There are certain ‘power’ places at different points on earth’s grid that can assist us in awakening Love’s memory in our DNA… and so, the journey continues!


"I have been traveling my life’s journey in search of truth; in the quest of remembering Love which is our very essence. This exploration has taken me through the blessings of motherhood, a loving union with my beloved partner David, and decades of philosophical studies and spiritual paths. My life path includes serving in traditional western and alternative healing practices. My work embraces mind-heart connection, spiritual awakening and the sacred marriage of the Feminine and Masculine. The Feminine essence arises as a field of pure potential…where inspiration is received and desire initiates creative impulses. The Masculine essence joins, transforming inspiration into manifestation. Through this union the eternal cycle of life continues. This Divine Union is inherent in each of us; is in fact, our natural state of Being.  Over thousands of years we have cultivated a false belief in separation and great suffering has resulted.  A call to awaken from this illusion is now upon us. I dedicate my work to this awakening and join with you in celebrating union."

If you are interested in joining us contact Erina directly at


Past Journeys

May 25th through June 4th 2018  Scotland

Erina's  journey as co-facilitator on a trip to Scotland's sacred sites with Gaela Morrison was transformational, magical and a beautiful beginning... The invitation to collaborate on such a beautiful journey resonated with Erina on all levels of her in alignment with her call to create through union!

"Erina lives and breathes the Course of Miracles, which I find to be such a fresh perspective in a world frequently muddled by darker aspects of humanity. By embodying the Truth of Oneness and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and reciprocity, Erina has a knack for helping even the most guarded among us to open our hearts and minds to the many possibilities available to us.I am grateful to her for her recent co-leadership on our journey to the sacred sites of Scotland. Thank you!"   S.J.

Keep watch for 2019 Journey Opportunities

If you are a guide and resonate with what Erina's vision is contact her for collaborative possibilities or text/phone at 949-677-5169