Is There a Longing Within You to Connect More Deeply with Our Beloved Planet?

Imagine yourself traveling to distant lands and ancient sites where the veils between worlds are thin and the heart opens with joyful memory...
A whisper so soft yet so compelling catches your attention, 
calling you to awaken your spirit of adventure 
and answer your longing to reconnect with places 
you vaguely remember though experienced in a distant dream.

2020 Journeys 'Remembering Union' Tours with Kriszta and Erina

Tour information details and registration opportunities will be announced soon... stay tuned!

  • Sacred Sites tour in England:  To be scheduled for end of June/beginning of July

  • Return to Egypt begins Oct 28th:  This tour will include visit to the ancient land/communities of Siwa, sacred sites in and around Alexandria, revisit to Pyramids around Cairo, and another excursion to Isis Island and the Nubian Village in Aswan

Erina Cowan is an Author, Teacher and Facilitator of Awakening Hearts and Minds

She is skilled in multidimensional work with energy; shifting patterns on the level of mind to open the heart. Through this she assists others in awakening to their life’s purpose and passion. Erina integrates metaphysical and scientific approaches to working with energy fields. She is co-author of ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (RWW 2012), co-founder and Trainer of 'Mind Field Repatterning'tm.  Erina’s love of travel and joining others who are devoted to awakening the ‘Sacred’ within is birthing a new phase of her work.  There are certain ‘power’ places at different points on earth’s grid that can assist us in awakening Love’s memory in our DNA… and so, the journey continues!


"I have been traveling my life’s journey in search of truth; in the quest of remembering Love which is our very essence. This exploration has taken me through the blessings of motherhood, a loving union with my beloved partner David, and decades of philosophical studies and spiritual paths. My life path includes serving in traditional western and alternative healing practices. My work embraces mind-heart connection, spiritual awakening and the sacred marriage of the Feminine and Masculine. The Feminine essence arises as a field of pure potential…where inspiration is received and desire initiates creative impulses. The Masculine essence joins, transforming inspiration into manifestation. Through this union the eternal cycle of life continues. This Divine Union is inherent in each of us; is in fact, our natural state of Being.  Over thousands of years we have cultivated a false belief in separation and great suffering has resulted.  A call to awaken from this illusion is now upon us. I dedicate my work to this awakening and join with you in celebrating union."

Kriszta Veres was born in Hungary and worked for many years in tourism in her home country but a journey to Egypt in 2003 opened her spiritual path and changed her life forever. She is a healer, priestess, spiritual teacher and a writer of Soul-novels

Kriszta trained in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones and was initiated as a Priestess of Avalon. Parallel with her training she had started to dig into the memories of the people of the Carpathian Basin, starting on her path toward discovering the Goddess world of Old Europe, the ‘peaceful Neolithic culture of the Danube Valley’, a term coined by Maria Gimbutas. Her journey led her into researching the ‘Wheel of the Year’ used by the different people living in the Carpathian Basin from the Stone Age until the arrival of the Hungarian tribes. She initiated and held the space of the Hungarian Goddess Temple, organized Goddess Festivals in Hungary and taught ceremonial workshops in Hungary,Cyprus, the U.K. and Portugal.

In 2010 Kriszta was hesitant to return to Egypt as she was settled with her life in Hungary but while on one of her visits to Egypt she started doing healing work with the local community of women and men and her bond with the land of Egypt was reawakened. The hesitation was replaced by a love-story and at the end of 2010 she felt that this land had called her back. She moved to Egypt after the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and has been living there since. She then married the love of her life, an adoring Egyptian man.

Her path became more focused on Oneness and finding the Divine presence everywhere in all the paths. She has been delving into Islam for a few years and is especially drawn to Sufism and Rumi.

Kriszta is on a constant journey of remembering the ancient mysteries of Egypt, visiting the sacred places regularly, alone and with her groups. Her love with Ancient­­ and modern Egypt has become a devotion.  She loves taking visitors ‘behind the normal tourist roads’, and likes to show them the “real” Egypt. On her trips she is a channel to the energy of the temples and ancient sites and she holds a sacred space for people to assist them in having a strong energetic and enriched Soul experience in Egypt.

If you are interested in joining us in 2020 for a deeply transformational journey contact Erina directly at


Recent Journeys

Oct 13th through Oct 26th 2019  Egypt

Erina joined Kriszta Veres in a wildly transformational, expansive 'Remembering Union' tour of Egypt.  The journey began with a sunrise ceremony between the Sphinx's paws on the Giza Plateau in Cairo and wrapped up at the  Karnak Temple complex in Luxor with a beautiful ceremony in the powerful presence of Sekhmet.  Our group visited ancient pyramids, sacred temples, stayed in a Nubian village and enjoyed a 3 day cruise on the Nile.  We held ceremony, awakened ancient memories and did indeed share in the remembrance of union within each of us and as a collective.  2020 tour will include a revisit to some of these places and include amazing sites we have yet to explore together.  Kriszta's experience leading tours in Egypt over the last 8 years and her deep relationship with the sites, the Neter and the people create a foundation for an unforgettable journey!  The ceremonies, group bonding and pure joyful excursions we took daily were awesome.

“Erina.  I am grateful beyond words for the experiential trip that you and Kriszta Veres and Lady Egypt designed and created for our group.  I came to Egypt expecting to be resonant with the people because I knew you were organizing it and to see some amazing sites.  But I did not expect to receive the experience that I received.  Something magical and profound and very ancient happened there.  You and Kriszta turned a site seeing vacation into a complete soul evolution experience.  Without the support of you and Kriszta and the ceremonies in sacred spaces, I would not have connected with my past like I did or find a way to process through it.  Some of it was hard and some of it just profoundly beautiful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am forever changed and will never forget the experience of Egypt and your support...

I must also add my deep appreciation to Lady Egypt for making everything smooth and amazing with the best accommodations and food and supporting us fully from the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo until we were ready to board again 15 days later.”  Linda Green

May 25th through June 4th 2018  Scotland

Erina's  journey as co-facilitator on a trip to Scotland's sacred sites with Gaela Morrison ( was transformational, magical and a beautiful beginning...   Gaela has been leading tours to amazing sacred sites in Scotland for a handful of years. Her experience in geomancy, love for connection with nature and appreciation for 'power spots' creates a synergistic experience that was 'out of this world' (and yet, very much in it)!  

The invitation to collaborate on such a beautiful journey resonated with Erina on all levels of her in alignment with her call to create through union!  This trip did awaken another natural facet of Erina's offerings. Thank you Gaela!

"Erina lives and breathes the Course of Miracles, which I find to be such a fresh perspective in a world frequently muddled by darker aspects of humanity. By embodying the Truth of Oneness and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and reciprocity, Erina has a knack for helping even the most guarded among us to open our hearts and minds to the many possibilities available to us.I am grateful to her for her recent co-leadership on our journey to the sacred sites of Scotland. Thank you!"   S.J.

Stay tuned for 2020 Journey Opportunities

If you are a guide and resonate with what Erina's vision is contact her for collaborative possibilities or text/phone at 949-677-5169