Is There a Longing Within You to Connect More Deeply with Our Beloved Planet?

Imagine yourself traveling to distant lands and ancient sites where the veils between worlds are thin and the heart opens with joyful memory...
A whisper so soft yet so compelling catches your attention, 
calling you to awaken your spirit of adventure 
and answer your longing to reconnect with places 
you vaguely remember though experienced in a distant dream.

This is exactly what happened to Erina!
She is expanding her offerings to include journeys designed to renew loving relationship with Gaia
(Galactic phase!)

First Stop... Scotland 

May 25th through June 4th 2018   Sold Out

Erina's recent journey as co-facilitator on a trip to Scotland's sacred sites with Gaela Morrison was transformational, magical and a beautiful beginning... The invitation to collaborate on such a beautiful journey resonated with Erina on all levels of her in alignment with her call to create through union!

"Erina lives and breathes the Course of Miracles, which I find to be such a fresh perspective in a world frequently muddled by darker aspects of humanity. By embodying the Truth of Oneness and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and reciprocity, Erina has a knack for helping even the most guarded among us to open our hearts and minds to the many possibilities available to us.I am grateful to her for her recent co-leadership on our journey to the sacred sites of Scotland. Thank you!"   S.J.

Although this trip is complete, you can check out the itinerary to see what is possible

Keep watch for 2019 Journey Opportunities

If you are a guide and resonate with what Erina's vision is contact her for collaborative possibilities or text/phone at 949-677-5169