The AmpCoil

Combining PEMF Therapy, Voice Analysis and Sound Frequencies

I continue to grow in my respect of what this device can accomplish for me, my clients and loved ones. The unique synergy of PEMF delivery, Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis has resulted in an easy-to-use powerful system that delivers something much "greater than the sum of it's parts."

                                                 PEMF - 'Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field' therapy

Research over decades has proven the healing benefits of negative north magnetic energy on the physical body. Benefits include increased circulation and oxygenation, reduction of pain and inflammation, re-setting of non-beneficial 'right spin' cellular energy, and reduction of pathogens, fungus, virus' and toxins. (See 'Magnet Therapy' by Dr. William Philpott). Pulsing this field enables for greater tissue penetration and over-laying specific tone-frequencies to address specific issues.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy has been used for healing and ritual purposes for as long as there have been human cultures on Planet Earth. We all instinctively know the deep benefits of 'words of love' to comfort the ailing and soothe the suffering of others. More recently Hans Jenny (founder of 'Cymatics') has demonstrated the power of sound to create and sustain geometric order in matter. As sound is a basic form of frequency expression, we can use sound as a 'carrier wave' for any frequency we choose. The Ampcoil has captured the power of Sound Therapy in a system that is easy to learn and use, and is as unlimited in its uses as there are frequencies in the Universe!

                                                                             Voice Analysis

The human form is holographic in nature. As such, the voice itself carries energy and information reflective of the entire spectrum of physical, mental and emotional processes. We can usually tell by the 'tone of voice' of another their true intentions, beneath the words, as it were. Given we each are biologically and biographically unique, the Ampcoil determines the needs of the individual through analyzing their unique vocal profile. This allows for continual monitoring of benefits gained over time, and ensuring that the Ampcoil continually works synchronistically with each user.


                                                                            The missing link?

The AmpCoil functions similarly to a stereo. Through a audio cord it receives your personalized tones from the BetterGuide Voice Analysis software. It then outputs those tones through PEMF technology for delivery through a modified Tesla Coil speaker. The coil produces a 10 Hz carrier wave, which enables frequencies to permeate cells and stimulate cellular memory toward supporting healthy function.


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I have been involved in this arena for a couple of decades, and have found the AmpCoil to achieve superior results through the synergy of components used to deliver harmonizing effects. Check out some data accumulated from the Wellness for Humanity Foundation: