Join Erina and David in two transformative recorded series that are designed to take you to the next level of alignment with your life purpose and a deeper understanding of evolving consciousness...     and beyond

Series One: 'Creative Career Mapping and Life Purpose Alignment

This is about taking inspired action and stepping into your highest

potential in Self-leadership.  When you are living in joy and fulfillment you

raise the global vibration…this is how we change the world!  It’s always been

an ‘inside job’!  Now is time for each of us to ‘step up to the plate’

                                      Join Erina for three highly empowering sessions focused on:

  • Getting really clear about what you love…become inspired
  • Releasing what you have unconsciously created to keep you distracted…wake up and start living a vital, joyful life 
  • Waking up your desire… and using it to create the life that aligns you best with your life purpose, creativity and abundance
  • Tapping into your Highest Potential…the world has been waiting for you…truly!
  • Creating a structured career/life purpose plan that is customized just for you… making charts that span one, three and six months, offering you a tangible plan to carry your inspired vision into manifestation
  • Feel the joy of knowing that you are making a difference in shifting the global consciousness through becoming all that you are meant to BE

      A powerful synthesis of Mind Field Repatterning, Tapping, Guided Meditations and Light Body Alignment will be shared... See you there!

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”  Gandhi

                                 All Classes are recorded. All materials provided for downloading

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Series Two:   Exploring Nietzsche’s Spiritual Development Model

Join Dave on this exciting recorded journey as together we ‘collapse time’ and open to greater vistas of joy, healing and realization. These presentations are rich with a multidimensional perspective on the Spiritual evolution that we all move through on our journey home!

The 19th Century philosopher Nietzsche created a simple model to help us appreciate the stages of human spiritual development. His original model has been refined and clarified by Ken Wapnick’s classic booklet “The stages of Our Spiritual Journey” wherein he ties the principles of A Course in Miracles.

Models aren’t ‘written in stone’ but can provide helpful learning tools. In this new three part series you will gain a deeper understanding of your own progress on the Spiritual path, and also gain perspective and compassion for those at different points in their progress. Dave will help you use this information as a platform for deeper investigation and energetic clearing of unconscious blocks or limits so that we can all learn to save time and reduce suffering along the way.

Three classes are offered in this series:

Class One – ‘The Camel’ - Describing us as we wander the desert of this world looking for meaning and fulfillment

Class Two – ‘The Lion’ – How we react to the world once we discover the desert has nothing lasting or real to offer

Class Three – ‘The Child’ – When we recover our original Innocence and reconnect with the Inner Divine Self

All Classes are recorded. All materials provided for downloading.

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What is ‘Mind Field Repatterning’?

David and Erina Cowan of Blue Sun Energetics have developed a method of getting to the deep roots of life issues, utilizing pendulum dowsing in the process. The call this method ‘Mind Field Repatterning’.

‘Mind’ refers to much more than the ‘thinking mind’, and is more in alignment with the idea of a ‘Universal Mind’ that we all share. The ‘Field’ refers to the unlimited quantum field of all potential out of which we create all our experiences. As Einstein said, “The field is everything!” ‘Repatterning’ refers to the ability of the mind to release old patterns, beliefs or memories that no longer serve us, and create new understandings with increasing levels of realization and awakening through focused intent. The Cowan’s have discovered what the Ancient Wisdom has always reminded us … “The answers are within!”

We recognize that the Mind is the primary level of cause, and all else, including the body, our life stories, relationships, the world and cosmos for that matter, are all happening on the level of effect. Thus we ALL have the resources within ourselves to create the life we truly want for ourselves, our loved ones and human family. In our experience ‘MFR’ is a very effective way to access this power.