2019 'Mind Field Repatterning' Workshops & Events with Erina

"Shift the current trajectory of your life

 from ordinary to extraordinary”

Join Erina Cowan in a weekend immersion of learning to bend the laws of time and space, tap the mysteries held within your Superconscious Mind and shift your reality…

See Schedule and Registration Options Below

"Erina Cowan presents limitless possibilities with dowsing as well as methods to assist in removing many blockages within our mindset.  I find the information presented fascinating and recommend it to anyone wishing to make as self-transformation.”  JB

2019 Schedule for 'Mind Field Repatterning Mastery 1'  

Workshops vary from single day events to full weekend 'Mind Field Repatterning' Mastery Courses.

If you hold events and are interested in hosting a 'MFR' workshop in your area please contact Erina at info@bluesunenergetics.net  


Sept 6th, 7th, 8th,  Nevada City, CA

Exact Location TBA


Fri Sept 6th - Intro Night from 5 - 7 pm:   Come as Our Guest

Advance Seating:  Contact Erina at info@bluesunenergetics.net

Saturday & Sunday Sept 7, 8th from 9 am - 5 pm :   

Individual Enrollment $299

Approved Group Discount $250

Sept 18, 19, 20th,  Goodwood, Ontario, CAN

Exact location TBA


Wed Sept 18th - Intro Night from 7 - 9 pm:   Come as Our Guest

Advance Seating:  Contact Erina at info@bluesunenergetics.net

                                or Martha Brissenden at marthabriss@hotmail.com

Thursday & Friday Sept 19th, 20th from 9 am - 5 pm

Enrollment:  $299 USD  

What You Can Look Forward To:

Intro Nights:  Two hour group clearing events

An opportunity to engage in powerful shifts and to see if you are called to join us in the Weekend Workshop



Weekend Workshops

  • Pendulum dowsing to access answers from the universal mind with greater ease than you might imagine
  • How to find and shift the core energetic cause of any issue and change the outcome
  • How to practice dowsing on yourself and others to hone your skills and achieve confidence
  • To shift from fear-based to Love-based living, which changes everything

       Class handouts are provided. Bring a pendulum with you or purchase one from Erina


     Although not needed for the workshop it is highly suggested that you purchase a copy of 

'Dowsing Beyond Duality' (David and Erina Cowan, RWW 2012; available through amazon.com)


What Others Have Said:


“I’ve done simple dowsing for years, but this is like going from a bicycle to a corvette.  I had no idea there were so many things you could do with dowsing.”  MC

“The Cowans deliver a powerful message to the world, and in a most beautiful manner. Self-healing is quick, thorough and complete with their simple methods and techniques. My long term and very painful fibromyalgia is completely gone after taking their two day ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ course...I feel more gratitude that I can possibly say! May God bless you both.”   M.E.G. 

 “I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book, as well as the course work!  I was so impressed with all the charts you have created - so thorough.  I’ve put them all in a binder to use.  This is so perfect for me in my practice. I am also reading your book and am so pleased.  You have worded what I have been doing, seeing, feeling, and knowing for so long so beautifully!  I was a student of ACIM since 1980.  Also, with both my Avatar training and Science of Mind, it all becomes so aligned, and obvious!  Nicely written.  So thank you very much.  I will keep going and watch all the videos as well. Thanks!”   Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist, Energy Medicine