Gateway 2020 Series - recorded classes TO sTREAM IN THE 

comfort of your home

Shed the density of old patterns and sail into

2020 lighter & Brighter…Ready for New Creations

Erina Brings You Three Highly Transformative 'Mind Field Repatterning' Classes

as a Series Designed to Escort You into 2020 with Grace and Ease

  • Three 90 minute classes to dowse along or just enjoy the clearings and information accessed through online streaming which allows you to review the series as often as you like, enhancing your learning potential
  • Proprietary charts and other handout information given for each class
  • BONUS:  Two hour 'get up and going' with a pendulum featuring Dave and Erina Cowan, hosted by
A true value at only $75 for the whole series.  Empower yourself by releasing what holds you back, and embracing your highest potential in moving forward creatively!

The Classes:

1. Restructuring Ancestral Patterns…'Epigenetics' at Work

·   Point of Conception:  When your soul connected with those souls who agreed to bring you into this incarnation (mother and father). This is a ‘decision point’ where you all created agreements on what lineage patterns would take on to serve the highest evolutionary potential for yourself and your ancestors.

·    6D Codes to release limiting ancestral pattern; to enhance DNA telomere length and function, DNA light transmission and activation of dormant DNA strands

·     Restructure 6D ‘family tree’ template to a higher vibrational state


2. Cleaning Up Limiting Conditioned Patterns (Family & Social Origin)

·   Editing patterns that helped form the way you have been experiencing life, relationships and self until now; deleting those that are no longer relevant and have been holding you back.

What Time Frame Are We Working With?

·   Gestational period:  You were ‘one’ with your mother, highly influenced by everything that she was experiencing and all that was going on around her. This began initial development of your neural pathways, cellular formation, light body alignment (meridians, chakras, subtle bodies).

·    Birthing gateway:  Clearing all memories of birth trauma

Childhood ages Birth – 12 years: Wow. So much goes on here laying the foundation for your walk through this lifetime!  All of it is available to shift. We’ll be clearing non-beneficial patterns that you absorbed/took on from those around you (family and other social interactions), as well as those you developed as a result of your experiences. Restructuring ‘childhood energetic template’.


3. Navigating these Times with Greater Ease and Grace… 

   How to Ride the Waves of Change and Stay ‘In Center’

Clearing your physical body and energy field of accumulated stress patterns from:

·    Solar flares and cosmic energy waves

Geomagnetic fluctuations ‘earth changes’

     Collective consciousness ‘fear patterns’

Electromagnetic Fields ‘man-made’

Raise the adaptation of your neurological system and your light body to be able to move through these fields without getting ‘taken out’

Close ‘attractor fields’ that tend to tune you into chaos in the collective

All Three 90 Minute Recorded Classes are  Accessible for Streaming in the Comfort of Your Home.  Why Not Enjoy this 'Indoors Time' as a Brilliant Time of Learning, Inspiration and New Creations!

  Proprietary Materials are Emailed to You to Download.

'Mind Field Repatterning' is a consistently powerful practice of 'energetic alchemy', 

where the illusion of time and space collapses as you shift patterns to create new 'reality sets'

Don't be weighted down by the past...when you can Free yourself Now and move into 

creating a life that you love... Wake up the Magic!

Empower Yourself Today with

Three Powerful Clearing/Learning Classes for only