Personal Sessions

Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy life with renewed clarity, vitality and passion!

Gift yourself or your loved ones with customized sessions to address primary issues and areas in your life that you would love to create changes in: 

Clear energetic congestion to align with your Inner Guide 

 and experience a miraculous life

Focus on any area of your life and affect them all

Home & Property Clearings available ... clear your space and see what opens up in your life

'Shift Happens' after all...

What Benefits May You Experience through a Personal Session with Erina?

Sessions can assist you in healing trauma, clarifying your heart's desires and bringing them into manifestation and facilitating a 'reset' of old programs so that you are free to create anew. Erina's approach involves working on many planes and may take you on a journey throughout this life and other lifetimes, clearing layers of your emotional, mental and subtle fields. Your session may assist you in learning how to navigate this world with greater ease and grace. It isn't necessary to relive traumas in order to release negative effects.  Erina has found that the mind will direct us to exactly where it has specific 'files' of memory stored (collapsing the rules of time and space) so that they can be accessed and edited. A session may help you in:

·       Releasing patterns that have caused challenges in areas of health, wealth, career, and relationship

·       Clearing limiting patterns and karma passed down through the ancestral lineage

·       Opening to inspiration and alignment with life purpose

·       Release of stress patterns that hold you in the cycle of limitation

·       Letting go of addictions, depression and anxiety; acceptance of joy

                             Come with a specific focus or discover what is up for ‘shifting’ in your life.  

                                           ‘Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.’ ACIM

Home and Property Clearings...

A multidimensional approach to clearing buildings and properties

This includes checking for and correcting energetic anomalies, including the following:

  • geopathic stress lines
  • clearing building, grounds and all objects of stress patterns
  • hyper-dimensional portals
  • traumatic emotional/mental memories
  • releasing energies that have been 'stuck' 
  • clearing dark energies; raising environmental vibrations
  • releasing/completing old contracts/agreements
  • harmonizing inhabitants to property 
  • rejuvenating the life force of the land
  • healing relationship with the spirit of the land

What Does a Session Look Like?

  • Erina creates the space for receiving inspired guidance, then 'tunes in' to you within 30 min. prior to your session
  • Connecting through the quantum field Erina is guided by your Superconscious mind to access memory files that require editing (I.e: limiting ancestral patterns, karmic agreements, childhood trauma, cords to unhealthy energies, specific issues regarding any area of your life; also home/property clearings)
  • Your 60 min session: Information is shared, limitations are cleared and new possibilities begin to manifest
  • You may be guided in conscious breathing, tapping or other appropriate techniques; session is interactive
  • Relevant suggestions and insights are offered to assist you beyond the session
  • Session is recorded and you are emailed an mp3 file 
  • YOU are your own healer and conductor in the symphony of your life!  This is about YOUR empowerment and personal victories!  Erina is a co-facilitator; a 'midwife' to what you are birthing anew in your life

"This is a short note to say how grateful For all the help and support and clarification you have given.   Thank you !  The tools provided yesterday are going to keep me busy for a while It was also a new moon.  I have followed you and David's teaching for many years now.  Thank you for helping me to choose my own destiny with clarity . I continue to follow the guidance that is more clear every day.  The structure that you helped set up is working very well on the first day of implementing it. It seems valid until the next moon phase. Being so spiritually guided I’m appreciative to know you and your  journey."  L.P.

“Erina lives and breathes the Course of Miracles, which I find to be such a fresh perspective in a world frequently muddled by darker aspects of humanity. By embodying the Truth of Oneness and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and reciprocity, Erina has a knack for helping even the most guarded among us to open our hearts and minds to the many possibilities available to us."  S.J. 

"I feel liberated from a sense of isolation and confusion about my purpose in life that it seems I have been carrying around like a backpack for so long.  I've tried many techniques, healing sessions and various modalities along my life path, but haven't experienced anything before that left me in a greater sense of empowerment and clarity. Thank you, Erina for holding the space and for the peace that is now holding me."  E.T.

Erina is co-founder with David Cowan of ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ (MFR), a evolutionary ‘quantum shifting’ system that facilitates the discovery and release of unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns that represent core causes for imbalances and suffering experienced in various areas of individuals’ lives. The Cowans co-authored ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (RWW 2012); a comprehensive guide for this work. Erina teaches this system in classes, both online and in-person internationally.  MFR is a integral part of Erina's personal sessions.  She is passionate about assisting people in healing relationships and reaching their optimal potential for miraculous living.  Expect to be heard, seen and received that you may experience your beautiful light reflected back to you!

Enjoy a 'multidimensional' approach!

Personal Session Options
  1. Sessions are available through Skype or phone call...your choice
  2. 1 hour recorded session (with up to 30 minutes prep time prior to your call) emailed as mp3 file
  4. Sessions are discounted through package selections offered below:
Option One:   1 Personal Session for $120

Option Two:   3 Personal Sessions for $298
Option Three: 5 Personal Sessions for $450

Option Four:
10 Personal Sessions $850

                     Procedures for all Private Sessions are the same:                     [these are the steps, please read]

1. Commence Payment for selected Session via PayPal [buttons located below].

2. Then E-Mail Erina with your name and phone number, and 
specific area of session focus  at

3. Erina will call you back and set up an appointment

4. You will receive an email with further directions

Note:  All payments are final with no refunds.

Informed Consent:
  By clicking the PayPal Button below and agreeing to contract with Erina Cowan for a private session, I fully acknowledge that I know Erina Cowan does not present herself as anything other than a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, and thus she does not purport to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent and physical or psychological disease, disorder or ailment. Any suggestions she may offer is purely for my Spiritual growth and development. I fully acknowledge the Divine Source as the only True Healer.

Click on below Informed Consent .pdf document below to read in full:
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Regular Single Session Fee
Option One: 1 hour recorded session $120
Option Three: 5 Personal Sessions for $450

  Option Two: 3 Personal Sessions for $298

Option Four: 10 Personal Sessions $850 (20% discount)