Soulful Relationship

Are You Ready to Create a New Paradigm?

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             Imagine if  …         

All your relationships, even from the past, took on a whole new meaning        

You were enjoying life no matter what circumstances were unfolding around you

Every relationship became a deep source of joy and insight in your life

And you welcomed each day with a new sense of wonder and fulfillment...

This Is Your Natural State... Welcome Back!

Through a shift in perception and through embracing a new paradigm in heart-centered living, you will manifest the power to transform relationships into the loving and supportive connections they are meant to be.  You are in relationship with all you that experience...this is a universal application!  

  Connect With Your Inner Guide, Open Your Heart and Learn What it's Like to Be Alive and In Love!

"This is my second time through this class. Following last year's workshop I took what I learned into my practice and my clients have been loving it.  I decided to dive in again, this time to bring SC into my marriage. After 25 years together, I honestly feel like last night was the first time I really heard my husband! I can't thank you enough."  DJ




Soulful Relationship is a six week highly interactive journey to a life you will love!


2021 Dates To Be Announced

30 Min Weekly Calls are Arranged Within Your 'Soulful Journey' Group of Three

Soulful Relationship
   Based on applied non-dualistic' principles of Heart Intelligence and the transformative power of 'Soulful Communication' this course offers a deep engagement with the healing potential that waits within each and every relationship, including relationship with your Self. 

Relationships, the Cowans have discovered, offer the quickest, richest path to awakening! This is the most powerful healing option they investigated and cultivated within the learning temple of their relationship ....more profound than all other tools and modalities they have explored. 

Erina is delighted to take this course to the next evolutionary level in opening hearts and healing relationship...   
YOU are the One you've been waiting for.  Awaken the love within is your natural state of being.
“We are all equal beings, and the Universe is our relations with each other” Golas

Content: 'Soulful Relationship' interactive online course includes:

Tuesday evenings - Six 90 minute recorded classes designed to engage you in shifting limiting perceptions and creating daily experiences of 'relationship' and true intimacy with all aspects of your life.  Together we will dissolve attachment to the 'ego' or conditioned mind to expanding into full expression of Heart Intelligence.

Weekly Group Call - Six 30 min interactive group calls.  Everyone has an opportunity to apply the ideas presented through the practice of 'Soulful Communication' in small groups of 3 each week.  The Cowans have taught'Soulful Communication' to hundreds of students over the last decade as an empowering foundation to creating a whole new paradigm of healed, whole relationships here on earth.

“If I say you have blown my socks off…that will be true.  If I say you have blown my mind…that is also true.  And if I say both things, we have the feet and the head open and able to serve as entry points for the Light and Love you two are beaming into my everything.  Many, many thanks.”  AS

This class is interactive and offers an enhanced learning opportunity in benefiting from the 'pearls' that are shared by all participants.  We are each here to cultivate our inner leadership as clear, loving individuals. The 'Return to Love' is deeply rooted and nurtured during our 5 week program together through the integration of inspired teachings  and profound techniques that the Cowans have shared with a multitude of students worldwide.  This includes:

  • Simple techniques and exercises to shift perception from judgment-based, 'conditioned mind' thinking to liberating 'non-dual' envisioning... experience your Self free to live really 'present' and open to miraculous living.
  • The art of 'Soulful Communication' is integrated as a powerful 'life changing' practice. The Cowans have evolved and taught 'SC' to hundreds of students over the last decade, finding it to be an accelerator in awakening hearts and healing relationships. The 'art of soulfully communicating' is the practice of being fully present to oneself and others in a way that fosters a deepening in Self realization and union. 
  • 'Divine Union' with Self is what happens through the divinely inspired integration of teachings and practices offered in this course.  See what it feels like and what your life transforms to once you change the vibration and fluid geometry of your heart field!

Materials for Your Journey:

  • Course Handbook - will take you through a fabulous journey of Self-discovery and deepening relationship with others, yourself, Source and all aspects of your life.  The  key points noted below are to assist you in 'Awakening Love'.  Each day offers us a continuous play of 'miracle moments' when we have the vision and avail ourselves to 'see'.  Each week focuses on a progression of ideas follow the liberating, non-dual views, inspired by  'A Course in Miracles'.  The flow brilliantly integrates the ideas into a tangible foundation for connecting with Self; for creating a new paradigm of relationship and living in the space of miracles."

  • “All I ever experience is myself.” Taking responsibility – the key to the shifting from 'reactive' to 'responsive'... a life-changing shift in perception!
  • “What’s real…?” What is perception? Projection? What are my thoughts?  Is the so-called ‘real world’ really real? If not, what is?
  • Being present.” Can we transcend time by a simple act of will? Who am I without time?
  • “The Call for Love.” Recognizing the roots of behavior. Letting everyone, including ourselves, off the ‘hook’ of guilt. When love is present, fear cannot exist.
  • “True Forgiveness.” Discover the portal to your own liberation by releasing others and the world from judgment. You will learn to recognize Oneness without and the natural emergence of Spirit within.  It is simpler than you may have imagined!

Four 30 minute Group Calls will be scheduled through individual groups

Due to the Interactive Nature of this Course, Seating is Limited

Course Enrollment: $333

Here’s what some of our students have to say…

"Dave and Erina are effortless teachers who share big picture truths garnered from their years of studying and living many modalities and truths, including A Course in Miracles. They've inspired me to go deeper into myself to examine and release outdated beliefs, paradigms and baggage that have just... "fallen away".

“I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am that you did whatever it was you did in order to make it possible for me to participate in this wonderful course. My experience far surpasses anything I would ever have imagined and I know I am going to be feeling the reverberations of all the pieces you are offering us for a very long time to come.”

“Erina is a master of communication and teaches it well.  I so encourage anyone to explore her evolution of the Soulful Communication class. It is a huge gift to give to yourself and everyone around will benefit!”

"... You have truly  changed my life and I am so very grateful! Thank you so much for what you have given to me! I am a much better practitioner and the skills you have given me are priceless."

            Can You Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like to Spend Each Day in Love?